Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Simply Couldn't Help Myself...

After last night, I am fairly sure that my personal form of Heaven consists of at least one Ulta store. We've had one in Chattanooga for quite a while, but I had never been. (Don't judge! I've been in the middle of raising a kid and renovating the house...busy!) Tara and I decided that we had to go check it out last night. Upon walking in, I found myself experiencing complete and utter joy. I heard angels singing in the background....well, maybe it was a great country song....but really was that amazing...

Aisles upon aisles of every beauty product imaginable. Seriously, who could resist??? Not Tara....most definitely not me. Wouldn't you know that they had a special free gift right when you walk through the front doors??? I think my heart skipped a beat....Who could refuse a great deal? Yeah, not me...again...I just couldn't help myself.

So, buy something for $17.50....Check!
I got the eyeshadow (Good Girl) and the blush (Flush).

Got a cute little makeup bag....
Filled with all of this:

Eight eyeshadow colors, one blush, one lipstick, two lip gloss colors, two lip liners, two eye liners, mascara, and three brushes.
A $75.00 Value...Double Check!

I got $93.00 worth for $18.00... Yes, I can totally see the beauty in that!

Tara and I stood around debating over whether or not to color our hair.
Zoey was more than content checking out everything and Caleb was chillin' in his stroller (hey, I'm not insane...that boy was strapped in long before entering the store....he would have had a great time ripping 47 million things off the shelves).
I finally decided on Roasted Chestnut.

Tara went with a pretty blond color and we couldn't wait to rush home like high school girls and color our hair. I don't think I've put anything on my hair in about 2 years. I have to admit that I absolutely love it. I think it's a great change for me before going into Fall.

Hubby was more than happy to check out his wife! Score!
What a way to get his attention! Ha!

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  1. i didn't even know we had this store lol. I will have to go check it out myself because I see coupon inserts for the store and have always wondered what it was like :)



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