Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lake Winnie

On Sunday afternoon, we returned from our fabulous beach trip to meet up with Nana and Pappy for a surprise! We took the kiddos to Lake Winnie for the afternoon and had a blast. We have made this our yearly tradition for the past three years. Caleb was finally old enough to ride just about anything he wanted and I was so excited to see him do it!

Nana and Pappy thought they would take Caleb for his first ride.
He seemed like he would be all for it...until he saw Mommy wasn't going with him!
(Spending the whole week with him prior to this made him extremely clingy)

He cried "Mommy....Mommy!"

So we switched it up and he was ready to ride!
In this picture he looked like he was almost glaring at people for taking me from him....

This was the beginning of a tiring day for Mommy!

I'm not quite sure he was totally lovin' this one...

We decided to sit him in the swing as long as I stayed right inside the gate.
I was so proud that he rode this like a big boy!

He really enjoyed it!

Bryce and Madison were all about the spinny-make you loose your breakfast, lunch and dinner-rides...
So thankful for Daddy loving that type too!

Madison was so very serious about her driving skills!
This is the only ride Caleb went on without me....
(By this time I was fairly exhausted from toting him all over the place!)

Caleb's favorite ride of the day was the caterpillar rollercoaster!
He and I rode in the very front the first time and all he could do was yell "Zoom!"
This boy is totally brave with his mommy by his side!

Ryan and I are hoping to take Caleb back when the weather cools off!

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