Monday, August 15, 2011


The Del Signore house is very quiet stepchildren went to their other home. It never gets any easier and we were all sad to leave each other this morning. Ryan's father drove the kids back for us so he could spend some extra time with them.

These three spent as much time together as possible...

Caleb loves them both so much.

Spent some time being silly with Mommy

Before the kids left, I made sure to get some great pictures.

This is by far my favorite picture!
I think I may get this one made into a canvas.

Gotta show Daddy some love too!

They were so excited to go on a road trip with Pop...
Mostly because he spoiled the crap out of them!

This was Caleb's way of saying goodbye...

Madison, Bryce, and Caleb got so close this trip. He knows exactly who his sissy and bubba are. This morning they kissed each other goodbye and it was the sweetest thing in the world. Madison and Bryce have always been close, but they took Caleb right under their wing and included him in things they did. I know he's going to miss them so much.

We've had a wonderful month and are so sad to see it end. We will not get to see them for a year now. Please pray for us (especially Ryan) this week while our household returns to normal.

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