Friday, August 26, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Baby Showers

I didn't blog before Caleb was born, so I am excited to show you my baby shower today with Kelly's Korner...

The cake Debbie made for my baby shower
My Aunt Debbie made my cake. Everything was boat themed for my future boat captain!
(Sorry the pics are small. You can click to enlarge them!)

The snack area
The refreshment table...

The diaper cake my mom made for me and Caleb...

Caleb was very blessed and got an insane amount of gifts...
I remember being embarrassed that I just kept on and on opening gifts...

A blanket Mom made for Caleb
This is still Caleb's favorite blanket...

The dessert area
Dessert Table

When invitations were sent out, we included two index cards....
One was Advice for Mom and the other was A Note to Caleb.
I cherish these and still look at them from time to time.
I bawled my eyes out over a couple of sweet ones....very precious to me. 

This is the fall out from the baby shower! We took everything out of bags and it looked like a tornado hit!
When we came home and began putting things away, this is what our living room looked like.
Tornado seriously moved through....

This is what his closet looks like for now. We have even more clothes to hang up!
And here's what his closet looked like when we got done!

My shower was up in the air until the hour before....
Caleb caused me some serious health issues during the last trimester. 
I had looked forward to my shower since we first started planning to have a baby and it almost didn't happen!
The day before I took a very unexpected trip and overnight stay in the hospital. I begged my doctors to just release me in time to go to my shower....I was so lucky it happened! 
I looked exhausted and swollen, but I made it!

It was all worth it!
This is what that whole day was about:

We meet at last!

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