Friday, September 16, 2011

Blue Moon Cruise

This has been yet another crazy week for our household. Poor Caleb started out with allergies and it morphed into a sinus infection and ear ache. He's been such a trooper and played through a lot of it. Most people wouldn't know he's even sick. I knew as soon as he got more clingy and slowed down just a bit. It is completely not normal for my son to sit on the couch for more than two minutes! That always signals something is wrong. Ha!

My sweet hubby watched Caleb for me last night while I went to our September mariner's meeting last night. The Island Cove crew got together to on the Blue Moon riverboat for a very interesting presentation from a TVA specialist. The Tennessee Valley Authority controls the water flow for the Tennessee River system and generates electricity for our state. They're the ones who protect Chattanooga from flooding as much as possible. Always a good thing when you're in the marine business!

The Blue Moon crew took us for an evening cruise along the Tennessee River. We were thoroughly spoiled with a great dinner. I enjoyed spending time with my parents, Ronnie, Melanie, Judy, and Gooch from the marina. We also got to chat with our exclusive marina yacht broker, Tony Eyl. If you're looking for a boat, he's your guy!

Mom was ready for our cruise!

The weather has cooled off quite a bit in Chattanooga, so it was just a little chilly on the water. 
We were glad to get home and get warmed up!

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  1. Thanks for coming on my post Great advice, I've never thought it that way! Glad you had good time, lots of my fav have or are working for TVA!



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