Sunday, September 25, 2011

The County Fair

On Saturday we took Caleb out to our local County Fair to put us in the mood for Fall! The first thing we saw was a baby duck exhibit. Caleb stood in awe of the tiny ducks swimming around! Finally a lady asked if we wanted to hold one. Of course we did!

Caleb petted the baby so gently. He kept saying, "Baby! Baby!"

He really wanted to hold the little duck, but I was having a hard time myself!
That poor little duck wiggled all over the place....reminded me of someone else I know...

It was so sweet to see his little face light up!

Caleb got a chance to show off his amazing art skills...

He was oh so serious about it!
Caleb has been such a joy for us lately. He's beginning to make sense when he talks and I can understand him most of the time. It's fun to hear him try new words and get excited!

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