Sunday, September 18, 2011

Football with Friends

There are a few changes on my blog these days. With safety being a huge issue on the internet, I have worried about posting pictures of Caleb and all of his many new friends. Other bloggers have had huge issues with their pictures being used on other sites without permission. To prevent that from happening to this little blog, I have disabled the right click function. None of the pictures can be copied from here. If that throws you off a little, I apologize. I am sure all of my blog readers completely understand! If you blog and would like to know how I made the quick and easy change, please email me at and I will show you how!

Now onto the fun from this weekend! Ryan, Caleb and I were invited over to John and Rachel's house to watch the Tennessee-Florida football game with our fabulous small group from church. Though the Vols didn't come out victorious, we all enjoyed getting together over soups and snacks.

My little child decided on Saturday naps were totally unnecessary. Um, super.... You can imagine my excitement taking him anywhere in public. (Ryan and I are seriously debating over barricading ourselves in our house until he's about 5...seriously...)

My small group has the cutest little kids around! 
They all seem to get along great!

Caleb loved playing with the magnets on the fridge. 

Sophia and Caleb were born days apart from each other. 
They were sweet together, most of the time! 

Baby Johnny had all of the football excitement he could stand!
(He happens to be an Alabama fan, so that may have had something to do with it as well!)

This wild one was a hand full. I seriously do not know what I am going to do with him....
I am praying that we have hit the Terrible Twos early and that they pass quickly, but that's a complete post in itself! 

This little sweetie is beyond cute!

I missed a couple of the other kiddos....they quietly played together and you almost forgot they were there! 

We had all kinds of soups and snacks that I completely forgot to take pictures of! Everything was so yummy!
Have I mentioned my kid was kind of a mess???

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