Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Only Tuesday....

My sweet friend, Crystal, was kind enough to create a brand new signature for my blog today! How talented is she?!?! She would rock at blog design.... For Fall I now have a special, extra cute signature for all of my blog posts!!! (Thank you soooo much, Crystal!!!)

Ryan, Caleb and I have had a rough couple of days lately. Caleb has graciously shared all of his germs with me and I have ended up with his sinus infection. I decided that I wasn't going to be stubborn and suffer through it, so I made a doctor's appointment for yesterday afternoon. It was late in the day so I decided to grab Caleb from school early and just take him with me. Yeah...that was a brilliant idea! I knew that he'd been fairly possessive of me around Ryan, but I had no idea it wasn't just towards him. When the nurse took my blood pressure, Caleb had to sit on my lap and supervise the whole process! He sat quietly (praise the Lord), but glared viciously at the poor nurse the entire time. Finally when she announced she was finished, he looked at her and firmly said, "My mommy!" I have to admit it was fairly adorable....

When we left the doctor's office with a bag full of antibiotics, we called Daddy to see if he made it home yet. Ryan has been working on his Jeep for the last month and we felt like it was finally ready to get back on the road. We were totally wrong. When Ryan left work, the Jeep sputtered and tried to die on him....while getting into rush hour traffic! The Jeep did okay until he came to a stop to turn....the wheels locked up and that was it. The poor thing just wouldn't move. Three police cars, my dad in his Jeep, and a rollback later, Ryan and the Jeep were safely back at work. I happened to call as I was leaving the doctor's office. I looked down the road and saw the Jeep and police lights before Ryan picked up. Every bad possible scenario ran through my head in that moment.

It was such a relief to hear his voice!

Praise the Lord he didn't wreck while the Jeep went nuts. Praise the Lord that I picked up Caleb and Ryan didn't have him. Yeah, it's pretty crappy that we have a vehicle to fix. It's probably going to be costly....but my boys are safe and nothing else matters.

I'll have to admit that Ryan and I did drown our sorrows last night. We ran to the store and bought our favorite comfort foods (cheese, popcorn, pizza, chocolate ice cream, and Dr. Pepper), snuggled up on the couch after Caleb went to bed, and watched TV the rest of the night!

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