Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lovin' His Cousin

Ryan, Dad, and Brian worked together clearing out yet another fallen tree from my parents' backyard. That meant us girls could get together and watch the kids play. Caleb has gone through a "Zoe Zoe" stage. He begs every time we get in the car to go play with Zoey. It's too precious! Tara and I have waited a long time to see our little ones play together and we're in the beginning stages of it.

They were both so excited and happy to see each other!

They tried their best to take turns, but it didn't always work out....

They stopped for just a second to give each other a hug!

Caleb really put forth a lot of effort...

He just loves Zoey!

Then they had to stop and smell the flowers...

Then it was time to eat a big meal that Granny cooked for us!

Zoey was ready to dive into some mac and cheese!

They waited patiently for about a minute....

After dinner, it was time to play again!

They were so dramatic falling on this blanket!

Caleb took my camera and actually made a great picture!
I think he has a love for cameras in his blood....

Poor Granddaddy! Two jumping toddlers is a lot of work!

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