Monday, September 12, 2011

A Mommy's Boy

My parents took all of us to Lake Winnie last night...
Caleb decided (again) that he only wanted to ride with Mommy...
He didn't cooperate with anyone....

Zoey loved everything and decided she would ride with anyone who would take her!

Both Caleb and Zoey loved the rides that spun round and round!

The most surprising thing was that Caleb laughed like crazy on the's so not a kiddie ride. 
I'm praying he grows out of this Mommy phase before I have to ride anything like that with him again!
My stomach isn't cut out for it anymore!

Ryan, Caleb and I have made Lake Winnie a tradition for three years now....
(I have a pregnancy picture somewhere standing here...)
Look what a difference a year makes!

Caleb has gotten so big!

Caleb is going through such a Mommy's boy phase right now.
When I sit on the couch, Ryan cannot sit next to me without Caleb pitching a fit.
Last night was absolutely exhausting because Caleb didn't want to be held by anyone on the rides.
He'll realize one day that other people taking him to do things can be tons of fun....

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