Sunday, September 11, 2011

Playground and Pizza

Happy Sunday, blog friends! I'm taking a quick break from my crazy busy weekend to update a little (and to empty my camera before tonight....Ha!).
Mom and I took Caleb out to a new open market nearby on Saturday morning. 
Caleb discovered his first "motomomo"!
The child literally spazzed out to ride this mini motorcycle....
Is it sad that I can totally see his daddy written all over him???

He added the tongue for the "wow" factor!
Mom and I had to drag the poor child away from it....

For the Tennessee game, I made my boys homemade pizza.
Ryan has gotten so spoiled off of it that he prefers it over greasy delivery pizza!

I usually start with the Chef Boyardee  pizza kit. The crust is always amazing good!

I cooked the hamburger meat and onions together in bulk this week for multiple recipes, so it really sped the pizza making up this time. We love pepperoni, Canadian bacon, black olives, hamburger, onions, and lots of cheese on ours. 

We COVER ours in mozzarella cheese and bake it for about 18 minutes....

This is beyond awesome! 
If you make your own and try it, you will have a difficult time going back to delivery pizza. 
After Tennessee kicked some serious football butt, we decided to let Caleb burn off some of his energy.
We went to the park to play a little...

Caleb absolutely loves to slide...

I noticed that he always has that mouth open...
I seriously have no idea where he gets that....

Pure joy!

We spent a lot of the day camped out in the floor watching football with Daddy. 

Caleb has been in a really loving mood this weekend and I have taken advantage of it. I don't think there's any doubt in our minds that he has hit the Terrible Two's so we love the moments that we get to enjoy the sweeter side of our little boy!

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  1. Wendy, the pizza looks amazing! I also can't believe how fast Caleb is growing!



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