Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

I couldn't wait to get to a computer today so I could share our pumpkin patch pictures (Wow! That's a mouth full!) with all of you!

It's so difficult to believe that a year has passed since we took these pictures HERE. Caleb acted so much better this year! He was really excited and loved every bit of it.

Excuse me again for all of the pictures!

He kept saying, "Pump Pump" when holding the pumpkins!

We started off with a tractor ride. Caleb was beyond amazed!

The poor pumpkin patch!
Since we had a drought this year, pumpkins were hauled in. 
We loved cutting our own pumpkins last year, but this was still fun. 

Caleb was in awe of all the pumpkins!

He tried to lift several! 

The scenery was absolutely beautiful!

Caleb flipped out when he saw the "tain"!

Then he got to play in a giant corn pit....
Later on when I changed his diaper, I found pieces that had worked their way in!
He also had several pieces in his pocket!

We had a wonderful time in Stevenson, Alabama. 
From the petting farm to the pumpkin patch, Caleb absolutely loved Crow Creek Farm!

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