Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween in Tellico

Ryan and I made our maiden voyage in his Jeep to Tellico! We have waited for this weekend for over a year and were beyond excited to finally take her to the mountains. My dad took Caleb a little early so that Ryan and I could take our time and make sure it was a safe trip. We had so much fun riding together and anticipated the beautiful ride. What we got was a lot of rain!

On Friday evening, we all gathered to celebrate Halloween. My mom and Aunt Debbie had everything decorated and we all had the best time. Brian, Tara and Zoey were pirates. Mom was Minnie Mouse. Dad was a gangster. Debbie was a cute monkey and our friend, Eric, was some sort of scary mountain monster which my son hated. Caleb and I dressed a puppy and kitty and Ryan was a little old lady who owned us. Seriously, never a dull moment for us....
Look at my sweet little puppy!
He hated the hood part of his costume!

They were so funny together!

I think Zoey was the cutest little pirate ever!

Uncle Brian showed Caleb how to play with a toy machine gun....

And Granddaddy played horse...

On Saturday, Caleb woke Daddy up early to go Jeep riding....

We loaded all three Jeeps and hit the trails!

Dad and Debbie loaded the babies in the JK, Brian and Tara took the Cherokee and Ryan and I followed in the YJ. 

We got to see some of the most beautiful Fall colors. This part of the mountain is only seen by a small group of people each year. It's stunning!

Everything was absolutely beautiful!

Until we reached rocks. The Jeep did great going down them. Coming back up was a totally different story...

Caleb and Zoey loved riding in the Jeep! 
(We didn't know it here, but Caleb was beginning to feel pretty rotten. This is about the time we noticed the rash all over his body. The poor baby looks a little puny here....)

Ryan was on a adrenaline rush from the ride!

These are the rocks we crossed on the trails.

At one point, we transfered babies around so that each Jeep could come up the rocks safely. 
Each Jeep had to be winched out of one spot. I'll admit that it was fairly scary for me....

Debbie took my camera and took pictures of us coming up the hill. 

A dirty Jeep to show our accomplishments!

This is a portion of the trail we came up!

Caleb started to feel pretty bad on the way back and went to sleep. 
He was feeling so bad he held my hand the entire way back. 

We had a blast on our first trip to Tellico in the Jeep!
We can't wait to go again....

We had to return home fairly quickly as Caleb began to feel a lot worse. We got home around 6:30 pm and I made a call to his doctor's office. We gave him a warm bath and just knew he wasn't feeling well at all. The on call nurse asked us several questions and recommended we take Caleb immediately to the local children's hospital. I was absolutely scared to death! Caleb was taken back and diagnosed with hand, foot, and mouth disease. He has blisters on his little fingers and feet, as well as in his mouth. He is contagious, so we will miss Trunk or Treat at church tonight. Our family was so looking forward to going, but Caleb really feels rotten. Please pray that he makes a speedy recovery and that we haven't passed this on to anyone else!

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