Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Busy Bee

The past week has been a crazy whirlwind for the three of us. We spent a lot of time at my parents' house clearing out trees. Zoey and Caleb got plenty of time together this week!
Belle does not like sharing Granny!

Granddaddy took us on a four wheeling trip to the backyard...

The babies helped Granny water her flowers...

Aunt Tara helped keep Caleb's shoes tied...
it feels like we're constantly doing this!

Caleb had to spend some time naming the colors of Aunt Debbie's necklace!

Earlier in the week a complete tragedy occurred: Ryan's Jeep broke. I'm here to tell you that God answers prayers and provides every single time! My sweet daddy decided to buy Ryan a new transfer case. Not just any transfer that is much nicer and supposed to be the upgrade to what Ryan originally had! Praise the Lord! On Friday evening, Ryan and I climbed under the Jeep to install the new transfer case. We both came out two hours later nasty and tired. But we were happy! The Jeep runs better than it ever has and we are so excited!

Ryan and I thought about taking Caleb to the pumpkin patch on Saturday morning. We planned to get up early and make it back in time for the Tennessee game.Caleb had other plans: He slept in until 9! We decided to try again in another couple of weeks.

Caleb decided to help Daddy with his Jeep!

He knew exactly what to do!

Daddy has waited a long time for this moment!
He has always dreamed of working on a project with Caleb and they both have a deep love of Jeeps!

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