Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Growing Boy

I have an amazing joy in my heart today. I desperately want to remember this moment when my son is 16 and possibly giving his parents a difficult time!

Over the past couple of weeks Caleb has transformed into a little boy. I hardly catch a glimpse of the baby I once had. As I plan his second birthday party, I realize how much he has grown this past year. There are times when we can actually have a conversation and understand each other. Every day I am just in awe of that. I knew it would happen, but it's amazing to finally hear it. I realize he sounds so much like me and that makes my heart overflow with joy. I seem to have passed on the Southern accent as well and I couldn't be more proud. There's only one word we cannot seem to figure out right now... "Bummy" is what he calls all action figures. We think he may be saying "Batman", but we're really not sure yet!

 I'm beginning to see his personality shine through. My little boy loves Elmo, Mickey and trains with a passion right now. After bath, he runs into the living room and grabs the "mote" (remote) and holds it out for me. He says, "Mommy, tain!" We find either Thomas the Train or Driver Dan's Story Train on Sprout to watch before it's time for bed. While watching "tain" he'll slowly stick his feet in our laps so we can rub his feet with lotion. After one of us finishes, he has learned that he can do the same thing again with the other parent. He's so spoiled to get two foot rubs back to back each night!

When it's time to go "night night" Caleb runs down the hall and rounds the corner into his room. He leaps into bed while getting ready to say his prayers. Ryan and I say his prayers with him and he proudly shouts at the end "A-nen!" (Amen!)

He's growing up so fast. Last week Caleb got to start the two year old version of AWANA's at church, Puggles. I am fortunate enough to get to do this with him and the other Puggles in the class! Caleb has been working on his Bible verse for the week (We must obey God!). He says, "!" We cannot seem to get him to attempt to say the word "obey"! Ha! It's the cutest thing! He really is a mess.

We are so blessed to have a lot of opportunities to hang out at church. Our church is amazing when it comes to their children's programs.

I am loving this age! We're getting much better with our tantrums (only two last week) and he's beginning to be so much fun. That little personality is shining through!

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