Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Life is a Circus!

To tell you all that I'm absolutely exhausted after our weekend would be a lie....I'm beyond that! Ha!

Ryan took Tara, Caleb, Zoey and me to the circus on Friday night. He was definitely father/uncle of the year when it came to Caleb and Zoey! Ryan got the kids a light up toy to hold onto during the circus and I've had to hide Caleb's several times since he's brought it home! Not only does it light up, it makes noises and shakes. Caleb is totally like his mommy....we both hate clowns!
He clung to me while we waited for the circus to begin! 

This was the quickest Tara and I could get the kids to sit still. 
Neither one wanted to pose for a picture....

Caleb hated the clowns and Zoey wanted a pet elephant....

When the show started both kids loved it! I think they liked the animal acts the best.
The biggest surprise of the evening was that Caleb sat on my lap the entire time! He never fought to get up and run around. I was beyond shocked! This makes me so hopeful that we could take him to see The Lion King at the theater. 
Dad, Ryan, Brian, and my Uncle David had a men's day together on Saturday. They took Ryan to his very first Tennessee football game! It's an experience like no other and I was so excited for him. Not only did he get to go to the game, but they had amazing seats! They sat about 3 rows away from all of the action! 
Saturday Tara and I spent the afternoon at the local children's museum. 

It didn't take long, but these two were soaked!

They play so well together!
It's the funniest thing to watch...

I just love this picture of my niece.....just beautiful!

He kept telling me, "Ewww! Mommy! Bugs!"

For some reason Caleb hates bugs...

This is just a sample of how wild he is!

Tara and I can tell both of our little ones are going to love art!
They were content coloring for a long time.

Caleb has recently discovered Play-Doh and just loves it!

They loved the music section too!
Caleb and Zoey were so worn out yesterday. They hardly napped and crashed hard after bath time last night. 

Tired, but completely content!

Tara and I fell asleep not long after Caleb and Zoey went to bed. 
8:45 pm and all was quiet at our house!

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