Thursday, October 13, 2011

Prayer Requests

So, we've made a few blog changes over the past day or so. I'm really loving them so far! 

I do have a few prayer requests to put out:

  •  My super sweet cousin-in-law, Audra, wrote this to me the other day and I wanted to share it with all of you: "I just got bad news that a friend of the family has ovarian cancer and it has spread. Her husband requested that we pray for her and I immediately thought of you." 
  • I found out that one of my cousins has pneumonia and pharyngitis. Please pray for the antibiotics to work properly and that she feels well as soon as possible!
  • This cousin also has a precious little girl who is having some serious health issues. The doctors at Vanderbilt University are performing tests and trying to decide the best course of action for sweet Candice. Please pray that the Lord can guide the doctors, give them the wisdom to treat her, and that He watches over her through all of this. 
  • My friend, Heather, is having a difficult time with balancing single motherhood, work, and a college education right now. I'm praying for strength so she can get through this. She is such an ambitious lady who is trying her best to achieve her dreams. 
  • My in-laws are leaving this weekend to go on a trip to Mexico. They are part of a group from church taking shoes to orphaned children. Pray for a safe trip there, during, and back for all of them!
  • My parents will also be traveling home at the end of the week from vacation, so pray they have a safe trip home too!
If there are any I may have missed or you would like to add one, please let me know!

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  1. These are impressive articles. Keep up the noble be successful.

  2. I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God's grade.



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