Friday, October 21, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Couponing Tips and Sites

I really enjoy using coupons. People who know me generally laugh when they see me stocking up on things and I love to share how to do it with those around me! I have this obsession with making sure I have enough food in the house at all times. When Caleb was born, we had a rough winter. We got iced in a couple of times and I obsessed over making sure we had enough food. My hormones and emotions ran wild with the what-ifs. If I had been sane, I would have realized my hubby could simply walk to a nearby store if need be. One of my biggest fears in life is not being able to feed my two guys. Seriously, I picture starving children in Africa every time the thought crosses my mind...I should probably get some help for that or something. Ryan has promised that our next home must have a decent sized pantry so I will be able to stop stressing. Ha! I honestly have dreams of my future pantry...

Back to couponing....

I've been known to get 30 something boxes of pasta for free!

So where do I find these deals? Do I search all the time? Nope....

I simply go to Southern Savers. They do everything for you! All the research....all the coupon match ups....all the links. So easy!

I also get All You magazine because they contain plenty of coupons in them as well.

I mostly shop at Bi-Lo these days because they have an awesome Fuel Perks program. For every $50 I spend in groceries, they give me five cents back towards gas. Once I save up some Fuel Perks, I visit a participating gas station to save!

This week, I spent $2.96 per gallon of gas!!!! Seriously, awesome! I saved up $.35 for my Fuel Perks and I can get up to 20 gallons with that deal. It's the cheapest fill up my SUV has ever had!

I also go subscribe to Publix's extra coupon deals on their website. From time to time they mail me plenty of coupons. Love it! Our local Publix honors coupons from Target, Bi-Lo and Food Lion as well. Great savings!

I'm so looking forward to linking up with everyone at Kelly's Korner today. I want to find a way to organize my coupons without looking silly in the process. What I normally do is make my list, mark how many coupons I have of each item (so I know how many to get), and put them in an envelope. I'm sure I am missing random deals, but the thought of carrying a massive notebook seems overwhelming. What works for you guys?

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  1. I didn't realize until recently that you were a couponer. My mom got started with it around two years ago and I just started a few months ago. Southern savers is a huge blessing! I have yet to try the grocery stores...I have learned Walgreens pretty well and I have been working on CVS. I finally got my first free item last weekend...Almay eye shadow. I was so happy to finally get a "free" deal lol. Ever since our cruise I have slacked off on everything coupon related but am working on that. I am one of those that does carry around the massive notebook because I like knowing I have all my coupons with me in case I see a deal I might have missed. I have my notebook arranged in alphabetical order according to what I call the product. I also take with me the sheets from southern savers so I can easily see if there is a coupon for a particular item. Everybody has their own way of doing things and I definitely would not say my way is very organized at all but it works for now lol.

  2. I will tell you what I do with my coupons. Binders. Two of them. One for drug store stuff and one for food. Though yes the both cross over sometimes. I then put them both in a tote bag that looks like a purse. Makes it easier to carry around.



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