Friday, October 28, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Parents of an Only Child

Kelly's Korner topic today is connecting parents of only children. I'm definitely in that category. Unless God performs a miracle and blesses us with another child, Caleb will be our one and only! Ryan and I enjoyed planning for our child and enjoying the excitement that came with getting ready for a baby. It's something absolutely special we share.

My pregnancy was pretty rough. I had a very difficult time during my third trimester. Caleb grew very quickly and sat right on a nerve. There were times that I honestly thought I would pass out at any given time. I was admitted to the hospital the day before my baby shower because Caleb decided to act up! When I was a little over thirty-seven weeks along, my doctor decided to go ahead and induce labor. After twenty-one hours of labor, I had a c-section to bring Caleb into the world. Prior to my pregnancy, labor, and c-section I had never really been through physical pain. The worst I had growing up was a sprained ankle. I absolutely don't do pain. Recovering from the c-section was a slow process. Combine that with hormones and I honestly wonder why women put themselves through that more than once in a lifetime.

I had never really been around babies before Caleb, so everything was new. I was terrified of dropping him, not holding him correctly, even changing his diapers. I worried about all the little what-if's that could possibly go wrong. It was all so very foreign to me. I don't miss the constant crying without knowing exactly what is wrong. I don't miss the up all night stages. I know that many mothers cherish those times and greatly miss their little ones being so young. To be completely honest, I don't at all. The thing I miss most is probably the rocking to sleep. I enjoyed rocking Caleb to sleep in the evenings so much. Sometimes I do look at the little boy climbing into his bed and wonder how it went by so fast....

I enjoy this stage of his life so much more right now. This is probably my very favorite so far. I love how he learns so much every day....attempts new words constantly....looks to me for constant approval. I love how he can communicate his wants and needs to me more. I love that we can leave the house without a gigantic stroller, twenty-seven diapers, four changes of clothes, and more toys than our cars can possibly handle. Life is so much simpler now. Sure we are having a temper tantrums, but I also remember it will pass.

People jokingly ask when baby number two will come along....I'm absolutely content having Caleb. I like that I can do more for him and with him since it's just him. I don't know how others pay for raising more than one child in this world. By the time you factor in child care alone, you can go broke in a month! I don't know how mothers can make it through a shopping trip with more than one child....I admire the ones that pull it all off, but I enjoy worrying about my one.

With one child, Ryan and I can provide more opportunities to him. We can spend more one on one time with him throughout his childhood. We have considered the argument about him maybe being lonely as an only child, but I just don't think it's an option with Caleb. He has friends at school, he is very active at church, and he always has his cousin, Zoey, to play with. Ryan and I have a very busy family life. We are on the go almost constantly and Caleb loves it too.

I know it's probably bad to say it this way, but I thoroughly enjoy spoiling Caleb. I love that we can financially give him a better life because it is just him. I like knowing that one day I can help him with college and his first car. I can work with him one on one when he has school projects. We will be able to play more sports if he wants because I won't be sharing that time with other siblings. My child has my heart and I like that I don't have to share it.

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  1. Hi! I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner. Great post about loving having only one!

  2. Stopping from Kelly's Korner! I have an only too. I have a little boy that fills my time too.

    I love this post!



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