Friday, November 11, 2011

Caleb's Train Party

Caleb's second birthday party was yesterday evening. I had planned for months to have a Mickey party, but Caleb led us in another direction....Trains!

We had quite a bit of Thomas and Friends decorations...

My mom can always find the neatest stuff, so I have her to thank for all the decorations!

We decided to decorate Caleb's big boy room in trains.
Mom found this one at Hobby Lobby and it's going on a shelf in his room...

Yesterday afternoon, Ryan and I picked up all of Caleb's party balloons!
We got plenty of stares carrying them out and loading them into the car.

Ready to party!!!
My aunt literally spent ALL day Thursday decorating Caleb's cake.
Mom was busy decorating and I put the finishing touches on Caleb's special surprise...
Daddy picked Caleb up and brought him to see his party!

My mom found him the cutest little conductor hat!

We used a Wilton cake pan for the train and one sheet cake for the three cars at the end....
The cake was a total of four pound cake mixes and tons of icing!

We used chocolate donuts for the wheels and placed zoo animals at the top of the cars.
Ryan and I collected boxes with the help of our friends at work.
On Wednesday night, Ryan finished a special project for Caleb and his friends...

The Del Signore Express!!!

You know he was excited!

Then our friends showed up to help us celebrate!

Mostly girls....Ha!
Poor Caleb really didn't know what to think!

He hung out with Granddaddy for a moment.....

We decided to keep things simple with the food.
We brought homemade soups and cornbread.
It was delicious!
We had bean and bacon, chicken noodle, loaded potato, and veggie soups!

Our punch station...

After dinner, we had time for playing and then came presents!

My poor child stalled out on the first gift. He wanted to play with the first thing he got!
Lucky for us, he had several friends who could help us out!
Maybe he'll have the concept down by Christmas....

Caleb had to hold his new chainsaw while we all sang Happy Birthday!
He was so amazed with it that he totally forgot about eating his cake...

He had to show everyone his new chain saw....
that lights up and makes all kinds of noise...
Thanks, Granny.....

We are so very blessed to have our wonderful friends and family celebrate with us this year. 

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