Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grits and Eggs

I got a new idea from Pinterest and finally decided to give it a try this weekend. 
My family is always busy and constantly on the go, so make ahead meals are always a plus for the three of us.
I sprayed my cupcake tin with non-stick spray, I beat some eggs together, and filled my cupcake pan. Then I chopped some green bell pepper, onion, and ham to add to it. I added some salt and pepper and threw them in the oven at 350 degrees for twenty minutes.
And this is what came out:

Hubby absolutely loved them! These are great to freeze and reheat as needed.
I recommend flash freezing them first and then packaging them well for freezer storage. 
Sadly, mine did not make it that far....Hubby ate them in a matter of two days....all twelve....
Definitely have to make a lot more if they are going to make it to the freezer!

I then decided I would attempt to make some old-fashioned grits in the crockpot. 
They were Heavenly! They cook overnight and are ready for you when you grab breakfast the next morning.
I absolutely love grits for breakfast when the weather turns cold.

I had no idea that these would be so simple, yet amazing!
I used one cup of slow cooking grits, five cups of water, a stick of butter (would make Paula Deen so proud), and salt to taste. I put them on low overnight (about 8 hours) and they were wonderful! 
I added cheese to ours the next morning.
Instant grits are NOTHING compared to the real thing!

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