Monday, November 21, 2011

New Look

I'm so lovin' the new blog layout this week! What do you think???

Maybe it's time to start decorating around the house...I feel so behind this year! Ryan has made me patiently wait until after Thanksgiving this year. I guess we can alternate who wins each year!

We've been thinking about what to get Caleb this year and it's really tough. Everything seems to be either 0-18 months or 3+ and poor Caleb is stuck in between!

We'll just have to get creative!
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  1. i LOVE your new blog look. Your blog always looks so neat :) Maddy is in the same boat...found a few things for 2+ but I am mainly just trying to figure out things I think she'll like and can do.

  2. Thank you!

    We finally decided to get Caleb a tow behind bike trailer. We think it would be great for all of us since we like riding and spending time outdoors. He loves bikes so this would be exciting for him. Then we're just going to get some little things for him.



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