Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pinterest Tutorial

I've had quite a few friends wondering about Pinterest lately. It seems like everyone is talking about it....many are not quite sure how to pronounce it....and plenty of people would like to know what all the fuss is about! I'm going to tell you right here and now that I am a complete Pinterest addict. I want to include some screenshots of my boards and pins so maybe you can understand what everyone is so nuts about lately!

When you log in to Pinterest, you will automatically see all of the boards you follow. 
Notice on the left hand side that it shows my most recent activity. 
It will show who I follow, who followed me, and who pins the things I pin. 
If I were to scroll down, I would see everything my friends have pinned in order of most recent first. 
If I see something I like, I have the choice of clicking on it to "repin" it to one of my boards...
By now you may be wondering what a "board" is...
Simple: It's a category....
If you were to look at my page, it would look like this:

Each little square is a board that you can click on.
It expands into all of my pins. 
Each board is a grouping to organize all of my saved ideas.
I have one for recipes, one for Caleb, and so on.....Um, I actually have 17 to be exact.
You can create as many boards as you would like and name them anything you want!

The idea behind Pinterest is simple: 
Remember how you "bookmark" favorite websites that you find and save all these great ideas?
If you're anything like me, you save something to your Favorites and then forget about it or can't remember why you saved it in the first place! 
Pinterest solves that problem....
You can attach a picture with your "pin", organize it on your "board", and simply refer to it when you need to. 
Plus, you can share all the wonderful things you have found with others and grab plenty of ideas from those all over the world. How smart is that???

So how do you "pin" an idea that you like? 
 Say I like something that another person has shared....
See the big red arrow? I'm going to "pin" that outfit to my Style Pinboard because I love the color combination.
If I hover my mouse arrow over the picture, I see 3 bubble boxes pop up at the top of the picture. 
See the "Repin", "Like" and "Comment" buttons???
If I choose "Repin" this comes up:
I need to select the correct category to file this pin under....
So I select "My Style Pinboard" and then click "Pin It"!
If I go over to My Style Pinboard, it's automatically there....

What an awesome way to organize all of your great ideas and thoughts!
Just get out there and start looking around. It's crazy what you can find....
You can search for certain things or just browse what everyone finds inspiring....

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  1. thank you for this...i'm one of the clueless ones about pinterest :)



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