Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Trains and Art

Caleb got an awesome train set from Nana and Pappy for his birthday. This is the remote controlled Geo Trax Timbertown Railway. Caleb absolutely loves it! Ryan set it up for him and they played for an hour. I love that you can buy more sets that connect with it. They are also going to be very durable for my tough boy! We think the Grand Central Station track set would also be a great addition for Christmas. 
Caleb was so excited to help Daddy set it up!
There are several configurations for each set so it holds a kid's interest much longer. 
The remote control is easy for a toddler to use and seems like so much fun!
I don't know who loves this toy more: Caleb or Daddy!

Caleb was really interested in playing with the crane on top! 
He kept calling it a forklift....any heavy duty machinery is called a forklift right now....

Ryan and I got Caleb the Crayola Magnetic Double Easel for his birthday and he seems to really enjoy it too!  Caleb loves to color and draw, so we were hoping to inspire his artistic creations a little more. It has a chalk board and a dry erase board on the other side. I love that it's all plastic and cleans very easily. We also found him a huge tub of chalk and dry erase crayons to go with this. It comes with magnetic letters and he is nuts about those!

If you have a rambunctious little toddler in your life and would like to find these fun toys, I have included the links below:

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  1. Maddy's getting that easel for Christmas...I had no idea they made dry erase crayons...thanks for sharing!

  2. I had no idea they had such a thing either! Toys are so much cooler than when we were little!



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