Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Twas the Day Before

Twas the day before Caleb's party....
and all through our house
are traces of a train
made by my spouse!

Our house looks like party central right now! We're throwing our almost-two-year-old a train party this week and everything is coming together fairly well. We decided to keep things small (and simple) this year and celebrate with our close friends and family. I am so very grateful for Caleb's Granny, Aunt Debbie and Nana. They have been such a big help to me this week. I can't begin to tell you how awesome they are.

We are all so looking forward to this party! There's still so much to do, but we're slowly getting there. I cannot wait to share the details with my sweet blog friends!

I cannot believe I am so close to having a two year old son. This past year has flown by with record speed. It seems like we were just having his first birthday party....Where exactly did the time go?

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