Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby Yeast Infections

I had no idea little boys could get a yeast infection before today. Poor little Caleb is having it rough this week!

Last Saturday I noticed Caleb had a little bit of diaper rash. We didn't think much of it because it happens from time to time. Since then we have tried everything under the sun to make it disappear! We tried Desatin, all natural diaper rash creams, doctor prescribed creams, Neosporin, Vaseline, baby powder, and corn starch. Nothing made it look any better. We made sure to change him frequently and wash him well. Nothing helped.

For the last few days Caleb had a bright red rash in his front diaper area. We noticed small raised bumps and the skin looked horrible. I called our doctor and found out it was a yeast infection. We all carry the bacteria on our bodies and if we get any broken skin the yeast can become a nasty infection just like Caleb has. Luckily we can treat his over the counter and caught it right in time.

We have to cover the rash with a thin layer of 1% hydrocortizone cream and then apply anti fungal Lotrimin  (yeah, the stuff that treats athlete's foot) over that. We have to do this four times a day. Then, Caleb gets to soak for ten minutes in a warm bath with four tablespoons of baking soda three times a day to help the rash. We cannot use baby wipes on him until it clears up because that actually can help spread the infection. We have to rinse him off with warm water and wash him with Dove soap if he uses the bathroom. We also cannot bathe him with any other soap right now other than regular Dove soap.

Want to hear the best part???

Poor Caleb cannot sleep in a diaper at night. He has to have time for the rash to air dry some. Isn't that great? In three to four days, the yeast infection should be completely gone. What a messy couple of days we'll have for Christmas, right?

The biggest thing is making sure it doesn't get any worse. If he develops red streaks in the area, any oozing, or skin starts coming off it indicates he has a worse infection and has to be treated more aggressively. If that happens, we'll have to go to the doctor for stronger medicines.

Maybe we'll get the hang of this potty training during this situation??? Pray for us.....
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