Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas with our family this year. I have tons of pictures to share, so bear with me!
On Christmas morning Caleb was so excited to see if Santa stopped by our house!

He was talked the entire time coming down the hall!

Daddy helped open gifts and Caleb couldn't wait to take everything out!

He looks so big here!

I love how sweet he is!

When we got to Granny and Granddaddy's, Caleb couldn't wait to open more!

He couldn't sit still at all!

Caleb got his very first welding set!

And tools with a tool belt to help Daddy around the house...

He got a forklift like Brian and Daddy drive. He has not put this down since....

It was complete chaos! 

Mom and Dad lined us all up to get a picture. 
They gave us one more gift....

Ryan and I realized we got an amazing Christmas gift! You can see how shocked we were....

Me and my mommy....

Me and Daddy

Me and Tara

My hubby was so sweet! He got me the most thoughtful gifts. It's so true that they get better as they age! Ha!

The last presents were hidden in the garage...

Caleb and Zoey got their Jeeps!!!
My mom put their names on them and stocked them with goodies for the road. 

Caleb had no idea they were out in the garage and he just kept opening gifts....
We finally took the kids out to the Jeeps and they were so surprised!

Daddy showed Caleb how to push the pedal and steer...

Zoey preferred to ride along with her best friend. 

They had the best time!
After a nap, we all went over to Nana and Pappy's house. 

Caleb gave Nana pretty pictures...

And Granny too!

Caleb got an awesome tool set!

After we got home, Hubby couldn't wait to put on his Tennessee gear! Isn't he the cutest in orange and white?!?

He is loving his new smoker and is preparing to cook all kinds of stuff in there! Looks like I'll be free of dinner duty for quite a while....

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