Friday, December 2, 2011

Garden of Lights

I have waited for three whole years now to take my sweet little child to Rock City's Garden of Lights. I began thinking of this tradition after Ryan and I made the decision to start a family. I couldn't wait for my little family to stand in front of the lights and celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season. Then, we didn't get to take Caleb because he was so tiny the first year. I blogged about it last year, but it got way too cold and snowed before we got a chance to go. I was bound and determined to make sure we went this year! So December 1st rolls around and guess what??? We finally made it!

Please excuse for me for all of the pictures, I've just waited a very long time for this!
Our family!

Nana and Caleb stopped for a quick picture...

Caleb loved all of the lights! 

Posing with Granny

We had so many people in our group! Caleb and Zoey walked the majority of the time.

This was one of my favorite parts! How cute!

Overlooking the beautiful city of Chattanooga.

Caleb and Zoey got to meet Santa!
It went so much better than last year!!!
Caleb kept giving Santa high fives and telling him he wanted a Jeep. 

We had to stop and be silly!

The grandparents loved seeing the kids get so excited!


Caleb was such a ham!

We had a wonderful time! It wasn't as cold as I thought it might be. The whole thing lasted about two hours and we were so amazed by how much work was put into the light displays. 

If you live in or around Chattanooga and would like to visit Rock City Garden of Lights, stop by a local McDonald's first. They have coupons on their dine in food trays! If you ask nicely, they will give you one without a purchase as well!
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