Thursday, December 1, 2011

He Answers

I am so utterly amazed by how the Lord works. Ryan and I are still learning to just simply trust God in everything we do. I have to admit it's extremely difficult at times. We both have a hard time just letting go of being in control. I try to micromanage every aspect of everything.

You just have to sit back and let God be God. 

Ryan was having a particularly rough week. He had an accident. Even though we were both frustrated that it happened, we stopped to praise the Lord that no one got hurt. We thanked God that it didn't turn out a whole lot worse than it was. When Ryan and I had a chance to speak privately, I looked over at him and asked, "Did you pray about it?" He never paused when he said yes. (The whole time I was thinking, "YES! This is exactly how we're supposed to handle things! We both finally got it!")

We worried together about different outcomes for this situation over the next couple of days. We prayed that God would just help us out a little.

I am so very happy to tell you that He did more than that! God's answer to our prayers was greater than any outcome we even considered. I'm just completely blown away by that! The Lord took it one step further and we are so blessed by His grace.

I keep thinking that we don't even deserve the love and support that God has given us. I think that's what makes it all even more beautiful and amazing.
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