Friday, December 23, 2011

My Favorite Time

I just love this time of year! I have been listening to Christmas music since early November and feel so cheerful! Every time I am reminded of how sweet it is that Jesus came into this world, I always get a smile on my face! I can't get enough!

Caleb has been watching Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer while Ryan and I enjoy the tree. This year we have tried to slow down and actually enjoy the season more instead of rushing around. For the first time in years, I actually got all of my shopping finished early!

Last night we finished wrapping all of our gifts after Caleb went to sleep. It literally felt like we'd never finish! Ryan and I share the wrapping responsibilities so it helped a lot. This is the first year we haven't waited until the VERY last minute to wrap everything (Christmas Eve). I'm proud of us!
I wanted to share a couple of pictures of how full my living room is right now!

I told you we got a lot accomplished!
We are baking real chocolate chip cookies for Santa tonight since the sugar cookie episode didn't work out as planned! This time I won't have to worry about my child building things out of my cookie dough, it will be my hubby eating the dough! Ryan goes nuts every time I have raw cookie dough in the house and eats almost half of it before I can bake. This year we're going to let Caleb "write" his first letter to Santa. I know exactly what it will say:

Dear Santa, 
   I've been a little good this year....I WANNA A JEEP!!!!!


I kid you not, that's all he says right now. He thinks everyone in the family needs a Jeep too. While half my family already owns them, I don't think Santa will show up with one for me! Ha!

(Ryan and my dad cannot seem to understand why I don't actually want one....They both think I should trade in my precious Mommy Mobile....yeah, right!)

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