Friday, December 23, 2011

Organized Office Space

I've been really busy at work this week! Not only have I done my regular work, but I took time to catch up on some much needed organization. I admit that I stay so very busy most of the time that I don't have any time to make things pretty! Until yesterday, on my walls I had pictures of Caleb from before he turned one! I was finally caught up enough to put some effort into making things better around me.
The closet in my office was a catch-all. If we didn't really have a place for it, it went in there.

We laughed and joked about how the floors hadn't been mopped in a year, but I am afraid it might have been longer than that!

This little closet drove me CRAZY!
While cleaning, packing things up, and organizing, I found these little baskets....

I figured I could use those after they're cleaned up a little. I moved my file cabinets to one wall and worked on installing shelves. 

My very cool, awesome boss let me add a few nice organizational touches and here's what I came up with:
I took the green metal rack out and moved the filing cabinets together. I created labels for each drawer.

So much nicer, right?

And my cute little shelves!
I found the little plastic bins at the dollar store and used them to store some things. 

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but I have a HUGE obsession with sticky notes. I feel the need to have all the different sizes and colors. I use them all the time! This little box is stuffed full!

I am also the biggest nerd when it comes to pens and highlighters. I seriously have way too many....

I repurposed the shelves that we had around work and painted my little baskets. I packed up paperwork and kept only things from the last two years. 

I love weeks like this. I absolutely love to clean and organize when I can find the time. Life goes so much smoother when you have things in order! Despite what many people in Blog Land tell you, it doesn't cost a thing to be organized and clean! You can use things you already have and make it work for you. You don't need a custom built closet system to make life easier! The biggest thing is getting up, dragging out everything and putting it in order as you go! Once you get started, it's done in no time. 

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  1. Good for you! Now can you help the rest of us to do the same? Ha! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thanks for commenting on my post! I've been a little like no one is reading, but I know it is because I've very inconsistent with blogging this year.



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