Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Organized Storage Spaces

While Ryan has had projects going on around our house this week, I had a chance to catch up on some much needed organization. My in-laws gave me some great organizers and it inspired me to go crazy around the house!
Have you guys seen the spice rack organizer on TV? It's the Swivel and Store and I got one for Christmas. Usually I don't order things from TV ads because they never seem to work well for me. Since I was given one, I got to try it out. It is actually as amazing as it claims to be! I love it beyond belief!
I was fairly skeptical when I first opened it. There wasn't much to it so I didn't expect much. 

This is the mess I was dealing with before: 

Everything had overrun and my poor lazy susan just wasn't cutting it....

I took everything out and wiped down the cabinets. I then went through expired spices and organized what was left into my new toy. 

Everything looked great at this point, but I wasn't quite sure how it would work once I got it in the cabinet. 

I loved it! It is the neatest thing ever! It works perfectly and is so compact. It takes up hardly any room and I can always see exactly what is on hand. 

I used my lazy susan to hold the taller items and grouped everything neatly together. Look how nice it is now!

After this, I was on a roll. I cleaned out my small cabinet that holds various items. I dedicated the top shelf for all of our plastic and paper plates and bowls. I kept our extra napkins here too. I have never dedicated a whole shelf to these items before, but I think we'll find it very useful. I always forget I have these things and they never get used. I do a lot of dishes and I think this will help cut back on that now.

Then I moved on to my other cabinets. This is where I keep most of my baking supplies. It was a huge mess before I got to it and it looks a million times better now!

I used my new sliding metal baskets I got for Christmas to organize my pantry. This small pantry was a disaster and this is how it looks now:

So much better!

I realized it's time to stock back up on some things this week!

I told you we have been crazy busy the past few days! Wait until you see what's next....

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