Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Happens....

Ever wonder what happens when two year olds try to make sugar cookies for Santa?
Ryan and I solved that mystery this week...
Caleb was so very excited that he was getting to help cook!

He helped Mommy stir and kept saying, "Cook, Mommy!"

Then things got messy!
He wanted to help badly...

We soon realized that it was much more fun to actually play with the dough than make cookies....

He kept telling us that he was building!

He was hilarious!

Caleb wanted to make sure Daddy got pictures of his hands!

I knew that it would take forever to clean up this mess!

If you think this was bad, you should have seen the kitchen floor!
It took about forty-five minutes to clean everything up while Ryan gave Caleb his bath.
This is the biggest mess I've ever let Caleb make around the house and he loved every minute of it. We didn't exactly make any cookies, but we made the memories. That's the most important part!

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  1. Caleb is blessed to have a mommy like you who knows how to focus on the really important things in life!



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