Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Just 22.5....

Sometimes I get a little down about the weight slowly coming off. I tend to forget just how much 22.5 pounds is.....

This fully cooked pig is 22.5 pounds!
Big, healthy pig...


This big ol' catfish is also a whopping 22.5 pounds...


King Tut's burial mask, made of gold and inlaid stones, is also 22.5 pounds!


Movie Night

Friday night Ryan and I surprised Caleb by taking him to the local IMAX theater in downtown Chattanooga. I thought he would really enjoy Born To Be Wild in 3D. It was a documentary about orphaned elephants and monkeys that had been raised by humans. We got there a little early and had a chance to show Caleb the beautiful Tennessee River. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful city.  

Ryan showed Caleb the water and big boats...

They are so funny together!

Caleb posed with Mommy for just a moment. 

He did great at the movie! I was so proud of him. We went all out and got popcorn and Nerds. Caleb is hilarious when he says "nerds"! He wanted to sit in his own chair until it kept folding up on him. His little butt wasn't heavy enough (we really don't say that often...)! When the theater got dark, he climbed into my lap and sat perfectly still the ENTIRE time! He loved the elephants but as soon as the monkeys came onto the screen, he said, "Monkey scare ME!!!!!!!!!!" He mentioned it maybe two hundred times this weekend. I think the monkeys scarred him for life....When we got out he had to call his Granny to tell her the monkeys scared him. It was precious. He has asked to go back and see the elephants though. 

I think we'll take him back to see an ocean movie next since he enjoyed it. I am still in shock he behaved the entire time. 

Progress - Week Five

Happy Monday, blog friends! I actually look forward to these weekly progress updates a lot more than I thought I would. At first, I was so embarrassed to talk about weight issues for all the world to see. I was beyond nervous to share all of these things with you. For some reason I hadn't come to terms with the fact that I had just let myself go. It's like if I didn't acknowledge I had gained so much weight, no one else would notice it either. But then I realized how many people really, really struggle every day with their weight like I do.

I'm not one of those women who can drop two dress sizes and forty pounds in a month. No, my body certainly does not work that way. I have literally struggled with my weight most of my life. In a twenty-four hour period, I can gain up to four pounds depending on what and how much I ate the day before. My body is super sensitive to things. I have to consistently keep track of anything I put in my body. It's's time consuming....and sometimes it's just plain not fair. But it's reality for me and for many of you reading this right now. 

I have a husband that can eat a pound and a half of hamburger, top it all off with fries for lunch, still eat a huge dinner, and not gain a pound. He does it regularly and never thinks twice about it. He doesn't have to. I have his big, juicy hamburgers in my face at any given time....

When I come here and report a loss, these are the things I'm up against. The weight is coming off slower now and I'm really having to work for it. Since I updated you last, I lost half a pound. Not a huge report, but it is rewarding for me. I didn't gain and that's a huge accomplishment. Now is usually the time I get discouraged and give up but you guys are here cheering me on, right??? I know giving up now would mean gaining everything back. I'm just not willing to do that now. I love that I have more energy. I feel sooo much better. Clothes are fitting better...I officially got rid of the "fat jeans" a week ago. If I gain everything back, I literally will not have anything to wear. So that's really not an option at this point. 

So there's the harsh reality of it all....I am struggling. Progress seems so slow right now, but I am most definitely not giving up. When I reach my goal and have all of this documented, maybe it will inspire you to do the same. You can see how long it took a slow loser to reach her goal. No matter how slow it's happening, I still have a 22.5 pound loss!!! Water Diet Party

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Getting Published!

So I got a special email from the very talented blogger, Kristen Welch, of We are THAT Family. Each week she hosts What Works for Me Wednesdays. It's a popular link party that offers bloggers tips for every day life situations. Kristen also created Mercy House in Africa, a maternity home for young pregnant women and girls. God is doing amazing things through this woman and she is such an inspiration to me. I've never had a chance to meet her, but I read her blog quite a bit.

Imagine my surprise when I checked my email one morning and had one from Kristen! Here's what she had to say:

"Congratulations! One or more of your tips from posts you submitted to a Works For Me Wednesday blog carnival (hosted at has been selected for a new e-book, called That Works for Me: 1001 Greatest Tips, which will release in Spring of 2012.

WMFW has been a popular blog carnival for years. It has not only brought the blogging community together, but it has helped women manage their daily lives with the thousands of fantastic tips shared by thousands of bloggers. 

We recognize that searching for that one tip is like looking for a needle in an online haystack. That Works for Me will be organized, categorized, and highly useful with hot links to 1,001 of the best tips." 

Wow... Just wow! I am beyond stunned. There are so many wonderful, talented and helpful bloggers out there. I am just amazed that she liked one of my posts. Little ol' me from Chattanooga, Tennessee....I feel so blessed to share a tip that the Lord put in my heart. As soon as it is released, I will share how to get your own copy! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Reached B.C.!

I simply cannot wait until Monday to update you all! Today I have made a huge accomplishment. As you may know, I've been struggling for three whole weeks to break this stinkin' plateau with my weight loss. I've struggled...I've been a little blue....but it has not been in vain!

Today marks a huge milestone:

I am officially at my pre-pregnancy weight!!!!  
I am at my B.C. (Before Caleb) weight!!!!

I have not been at this weight since I got pregnant with Caleb....for the first time since March of 2009! So it took me a little less than three years, but that's what makes today so special. It was well worth waiting three weeks for this! Normally, I would have gotten discouraged and given up. I would have regained some weight and been unhappy. 

But not this time! Not today!

My cravings for sweets, junk food, and my all time favorite (Coca Cola) have diminished greatly! I have not had a "real" Coca Cola in over two months. I never thought I'd say that! I have had a cookie here and there if I wanted it enough. I have not deprived myself and I still get to enjoy results!

I read several articles before and after having Caleb that said if you don't lose the pregnancy weight in the first year after having your child, you pretty much don't have a chance. I am here to prove that it can be done! You can be healthy at any point in your life. Don't let people discourage you and make you think you missed your chance. That is setting yourself up to fail. I did that and then decided they were wrong. You can do this too!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Progress - Week Four

It's that time again, friends! I have a small report this week, just half a pound lost since last week. Okay, it's totally better than gaining! I have seriously fought with it this week and feel like I'm getting my tail kicked. I see that you all love the progress pictures and thought I would share a little more that I have started to notice.

On Saturday, Caleb and I were playing around. He kept asking his Daddy to take a picture of us. I started noticing something while the sweetest toddler in the world was playing smoochy face with his mamma....

Did you catch it? My cheekbones are beginning to show again! 

And for the sake of comparison, I took this one...

These were taken this past summer...

And this was in November...
Big difference, right?!?

I took this one while we were working on Caleb's room Saturday...
I have not been able to wear this shirt since we got pregnant with Caleb in March of 2009! The best news? It didn't cling to me like Saran Wrap! Ha!

At this point, I believe it's time to get moving more while I continue to use my Sensa. If you think about it, Sensa has done way better than it guarantees on their site. I'm definitely ahead of the game at this point even though my losses have slowed. Again, Sensa does NOT make you drop 30 pounds in a week! Over a course of 6 months, you will lose 30.5 pounds according to their years of clinical research. While that doesn't seem overly dramatic as compared to other programs on the market, it seems completely realistic and attainable. And when you think about it, thirty pounds is a huge accomplishment! 

I'm at 22 pounds lost in a little less than 2 months. I am beyond pleased with the results I have had! I did not put this weight on overnight, so I have no right to think I should lose it in a week's time. One goal I am making at this point is getting my booty moving more. Sensa products will work so much better with a healthier lifestyle, so I am going to give it the best chance to work! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Eat Mexican Food and Lose Weight

If you know me in real life, you know how much I love me some Mexican food! If you are a friend on Facebook, you know some big changes came to my workplace this week. Our marina's new restaurant is the famous Chattanooga Mexican restaurant, Amigos! While I am beyond excited about having my favorite so close it does happen to pose a new problem....I'm trying to lose weight.

Amigos had their grand opening this week and I was more than eager to check it out! Oops...

For lunch yesterday I had their nachos swimming in refried beans and lots of white cheese dip. Oh, I know. Try that for 765 whopping calories. I ate the half order, but I honestly don't think that helped much...

Today I decided to play it a little smarter. While a splurge every now and then is okay, I had to get back on track! Even Sensa can't help when I eat 765 calories in a meal! 

I chose a healthier option: Fajitas. It was very satisfying and I didn't kill myself on my food intake for the day!

If you want to eat healthier, but still enjoy your Mexican food try these instead:
  • Eating regular salsa is just fine! It's the tortilla chips that get you...they're fried. While they taste amazing, it doesn't help you at all. Try grabbing a couple of soft tortillas and spreading your salsa on those. It's still satisfying and you can still have your salsa!
  • Step back from the refried beans, amigos! They can be cooked with lard or bacon grease. They're also smothering with white cheese! 
  • You've also gotta watch out for that white cheese dip. It comes on everything and makes it all taste so good. You end up really stuffing yourself on it!
  • If you have the choice between crunchy or soft tacos, go for the soft ones. Crunchy tacos have fried shells....makes them taste really amazing, but not so good for you!
  • If you decide to splurge from time to time, have the server bring a To-Go box when your meal comes. Immediately put half of it in the box for later! If you're like me, you can always give the other half to your hubby who can literally eat his weight in Mexican food and never gain a pound....Just sayin'!
  • Fill up on the veggies in fajitas or Mexican salads! They are great and help you save you from traveling down the wrong road! 
I hope this helps you still enjoy some of your favorite meals when eating Mexican food! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Want Real Results?

Several people have asked me about Sensa now that I am having some pretty amazing results. I am loving their product! I admit I was very skeptical when I began using it. I thought, "How can I just simply sprinkle my food and really lose the weight if I have been trying so hard to lose the weight for two years???" Seriously, I tried everything. I watched what I ate very carefully for a while. Nothing happened so I gave up. I thought maybe since having a child the extra weight would just be my new normal.

When I got the opportunity to try Sensa, I hoped for the best but really expected nothing. I read that Sensa uses your sense of smell to shed the weight. When I sprinkled it on my food, I expected it to smell funky and deter me from eating. That didn't happen at all! I'd say 95% of the time, I don't smell anything different. My food still tastes and smells the exact same. I've noticed that I feel fuller much quicker and in turn eat a lot less. It's simple really. 

I have not been more active (which I really wish wasn't the truth right now), so I can't give any credit to an extreme workout regimen when it comes to the great results I have had. Other than using my Sensa as directed, I have been drinking a lot more water. I never noticed how little I drank before. I must have been severely dehydrated all of the time. I am the type of person who hardly gets thirsty. Now I have to be more mindful of my water consumption. I think it's been the most difficult part of this whole process....just remembering to get my water in. I can tell when I don't drink enough water, I simply do not lose weight. Period. 

If you're losing hope with your weight loss efforts, please don't give up until you give Sensa a try. It's reasonably priced and Sensa is offering a pretty awesome promotion right now on their website. Click HERE to see it. If you don't want to order it online, visit GNC since they sell it also. 


Caleb has been so sweet this week. I have definitely enjoyed every moment of it! He's just now starting to ask to have his picture taken. It's so sweet! He poses a little and loves to say "cheese"!

We took this with my iPhone, so it's a little blurry...

His hair sticks up all the time! So cute!

This weekend Ryan and I began changing some things around the house (what a shock, right???). We decided to group the pictures on the walls together a little better. Now I realize I need more picture frames...

We laid everything out on the floor in front of the couch and arranged things until we liked them. 

Then hubby got the awesome task of measuring and hanging everything. Took a while...
We've decided to paint the living room sometime this spring, so moving things around wasn't a huge deal to us right now. We thought we could try this look out and see how it grows on us. 

We also rearranged things at the front entrance. Ryan built a key rack and coat holder for me this weekend and I think it will work well for us. As soon as Caleb and Ryan step in the door, they throw their coats off. Now this takes care of the mess! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Progress - Week Three

So here we are another week into this. Last week was really tough. I would gain a couple of pounds and then lose it again. Back and forth ALL week....Very frustrating. I know the loss will come, but it's difficult to try so very hard and have nothing new to show for it.  I have been taking some before pictures and monthly progress pictures along the way. Since I was so aggravated, I decided to compare just a bit. It was pretty encouraging!

I think I'll get a little farther along in my journey before I show all of the pictures, but I want to check in this week with something to show. 

For the purpose of clarifying something for my family that reads the blog, I am wearing a sports bra. I did not just post pictures of myself on the internet in lingerie! No worse than a two piece swimsuit, people. Plus, hubby gave the okay before I shared it! 

Now that we got that out of the way, here we go....
Am I embarrassed? You bet....Is it worth it to show you all that? Only if it inspires you to take better care of yourself too. I did promise to be honest with you all. 

So, here is two months into this and 21.5 pounds lost. 
(Same sports bra, by the way)

So, there you go. Brutal honesty here, people....
Wanna join me? 

Little Tripp

Sweet Tripp went to be with the Lord on Saturday. My heart is grieving for his family, but we all know he is walking with Jesus. If you'd like to know more about this amazing little boy, please visit his mommy's blog. Please pray for this family as they go through this. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shake Your Tail

Caleb has been such a character lately! We have laughed so much over his silly performances. I found the cutest Tennessee outfit for Caleb. The little hood is Smokey, the mascot.
Seriously cute!

Caleb loves an audience and enjoys showing off to anyone who will watch.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Progress - Week Two

I'm very excited to do my second weekly weight loss update! I like that I'm holding myself accountable to all of you. It gives me a greater sense of urgency to accomplish something each week. I know there will be some weeks that I don't have much to report, but this is not one of those times...

When I updated last Monday, I thought to myself how nice it would be to come back this week with something major accomplished. I thought surely life would get in the way and I would just barely miss my goal. I told you last Monday that I had a 16 pound loss so far. Big weight can fluctuate overnight. For some reason I had the number 20 in mind last Monday. It felt like if I could actually make it there then that would be something.... 

I worked hard last week when I watched everything I ate and continued to sprinkle everything with Sensa. I lost a little here and there, but then I gained just a little back. On Saturday it seemed like things had just stalled out. I accepted that my 20 pound loss just wouldn't show up this week. Today when I stepped on the scale, I read a 21.5 pounds loss!!!! I knew right then if I had gotten upset about it on Saturday and allowed myself to get off track on Sunday, it would have been a smaller number!

This past week has been motivational. My sweet hubby has been supporting me from the very beginning. I have shared my small accomplishments and set backs with him and he's been amazing. This week my family also joined in the cheerleading. There were a couple of days I texted my dad my small losses and he cheered me on. It's been difficult letting those around me know what I'm doing. I don't like to publicly fail at anything, so maybe it will be the best motivation out there...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Jump Jump

Caleb and I took a break from working around the house last night and went out with Tara and Zoey. I have considered taking Caleb to an inflatable jump park for a few months and we got the chance last night. The kids loved it and were big enough to use all of the equipment.

You can see all of the excitement in his little face!

He had to check out the play houses...

He got the hang of jumping and actually has great balance!

Zoey and Caleb couldn't get enough of this place...

Then my fearless little child decided he needed to go down the big slide. I seriously had a heart attack...
He climbed and flew down on his belly. I was a nervous wreck the entire time, but he loved it. 

He did it over and over....Zoey and Tara enjoyed it too!

Mommy helped him down one thing he couldn't climb. 

Zoey did it too!

We finished the evening at our favorite Mexican restaurant! Caleb preferred to eat everything on Mommy and Aunt Tara's plates. He stuffed himself like a little pig....We've known for a couple of months now that our favorite Mexican place is opening another location at our marina! Everyone is really looking forward to it. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beyond Sweet

Caleb just loves his cousin, Zoey. I mean seriously can't get enough of her! When Tara and I were pregnant with them, we had a good feeling they would be close. I think it's safe to say that they are each other's first best friend....
Seriously, how cute can you get????

They look forward to playing together and find several ways to be silly!

They love giving each other hugs!

We are so blessed! I'm so very thankful Caleb and Zoey get a chance to grow up together. I hope their special bond will last a lifetime. 


While Ryan has been recovering with his back problems this week, things have slowed down quite a bit around the house. I've made it my mission to go through organizing and getting rid of things we no longer use in each room. It has been so exciting to finally look at organized spaces and think of how much better they will function now. Since organizing my pantry and cabinets in the kitchen, getting Caleb ready in the mornings is super quick and easy. I even had time to use my new Babycakes Maker that I got from my parents for Christmas to make my boys some really awesome cupcakes this morning! I got the Babycakes maker and a cookbook for it and it has really inspired me. I couldn't believe how quickly it made a whole batch of cupcakes this morning. Caleb ate 6!
It's red and matches my kitchen appliances!

It makes eight baby cakes at a time...

They turned out perfectly!

These are strawberry cheesecake muffins.
While they waited for breakfast, Caleb played on Daddy. Look at his crazy hair! 
Poor hubby is not a morning person like Caleb and me...

So cute!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Post Where I Gross You Out

I've been thinking about this whole Sensa project I have going on. It's amazing to think about fat. Have you guys seen this around the internet???

Courtesy of Disney

That's just nasty! If you're carrying around some extra weight, oh say twenty pounds, your body contains the bottom glob of fat. Isn't that enough motivation to get it out of your body???? Seriously!

This also should serve as inspiration for the smaller losses. Many people tend to overlook the small accomplishments along the way. I am guilty of this. I look at how much I want to lose and when it doesn't happen quickly I become discouraged. To combat this, I am going to be grateful when I lose five pounds. Looking at the picture above makes me realize that five pounds of glob is still a big achievement!

Second I am not setting a goal exactly. Many people start out with the whole "I want to lose 10....20....or however many pounds". I'm not going to do that because then it makes it seem like a long way off. I just want to keep loosing until I feel good about it. I know I'm not designed to be 120 pounds. That just wouldn't look all that great on me. I already know I am very comfortable in my skin at 165. My body carries it well. I also have to come to grips with the fact that I have had a kid and my hormones and body are just plain different now. The things that worked before aren't working now. I have to be more patient.

The biggest problem I have with people documenting their loss through the internet is that many don't include how long it took and the problems they had along the way. I want to be more informative. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy reading about someone's success but I also like to know what they did to get there.

According to my blog stats for the week, it seems like a lot of you are pretty interested in this Sensa Weight Loss that I began.... I'll be the first to admit that I am too! I know so many people start healthy New Year resolutions and are looking for better ways to combat their weight gain.

I have been eating healthier for exactly two months now. My total weight loss as of this morning is 16 pounds.(Looking at that big glob of fat really puts that into perspective, right???)

I've just forced myself to make healthier eating decisions. Hubby and I are eating meals at home more and that helps a bunch. I know exactly what goes into the food I prepare. I have not deprived myself of anything along the way. I've learned in the past that if I do, I end up binging on the worst foods around. If I crave chocolate, I split something with Hubby. 

My biggest thing is drinking more water. I am horrible with drinking enough water. I never feel thirsty and I just don't take the time to do it. That so far is one of the biggest problems. I started out by eating healthier. When I began drinking more water, I immediately saw the weight begin to come off. I can tell from day to day when I don't drink the water I need. My weight loss stops. I find that it's easier to drink more water when I fix a cup of tea. I love all the different flavors of hot tea this time of year and it makes drinking water so much easier! 

If you want to start with something small, make sure you drink your water! It may not seem like a whole lot, but it really adds up quick! Your body will thank you and show you weight loss for your efforts! 

Random Thoughts...

I have so many things I'd like to write this morning, but I just don't know how to put it all into coherent sentences.

An old friend from high school was diagnosed with lung cancer this week. He's just my's just beyond sad.

With all of our home improvement adventures over the last week or so, Ryan has managed to hurt his back. Caleb doesn't understand that Daddy can't wrestle and jump with him right now. He runs around saying, "Daddy boo boo....sad...." in the most pitiful voice a two year old can muster. I'll have to try to catch it on video....

With the holidays being so crazy this year, we have missed church the past two weeks. I miss it dearly. I'm so ready for things to return to normal.

I've watched this video several times and it always brings a smile to my face:

This was his first time driving his Jeep on Christmas morning! He loved it!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sensa Weight Loss System

Blog friends, now is the time to share with you my latest and greatest adventure....

I promised you I would be completely open and honest here on this little blog, so here we go. The company behind the Sensa Weight Loss System contacted me in late November and we agreed I would do a sixty day trial of their product. I was instructed to be very open and honest about any results I had....both good and bad.

Before I agreed to participate in this review, I checked it out online. I watched and read every testimonial I could get my hands on. The thing that appealed most to me is that Sensa doesn't claim to make you loose 100 pounds in a week. They promote safe, reasonable weight loss over a period of time. They claim that you can loose around thirty pounds in six months just by simply sprinkling their product on your food. If you think about it, five pounds a month from just sprinkling your food seems more than reasonable, right???

If you'd like to see what people are saying in the media about Sensa, please click HERE!

By now you may be wondering, "How exactly does Sensa work?"

"The scientific principle behind SENSA® is remarkably simple. As you eat smell and taste receptors send messages to your brain which release hormones that tell your body it's time to stop eating. This is a phenomenon we call Sensory Specific Satiety. By enhancing smell, SENSA® Tastants were designed to help speed up the process and trigger your "I feel full" signal, so you eat less and feel more satisfied. Because SENSA® works with your body's natural impulses, rather than against them, there are no feelings of hunger or intense cravings."

Simple enough, right?  I thought so too.....

I received my package right after Christmas and I immediately got started. 
It came with a helpful DVD and two small boxes to shake on my meals. 

They also sent me some chews and drink mix which I have not tried yet. 

I cannot tell any difference in the taste of my food when I sprinkle the Sensa on it. I have noticed that I feel full so much sooner during my meals. My initial weight loss has been pretty good. Since December 26, I have lost 7 pounds and I don't feel like I have been trying at all! I think I am more aware of what I am putting in my body since I have to stop and take time to sprinkle Sensa on it. Junk food isn't really worth the effort when it comes down to taking the time to sprinkle Sensa on it. I think it makes me stop and think before I actually eat something and it has been really helpful! 

I have sixty days to see how well Sensa works for me. My weight and I battle constantly so if this works for me I am fairly sure it can help anyone! 

My goals for the next sixty days are:

  • To use Sensa on everything I put in my mouth, as directed.
  • To drink at least 64 ounces of water each day.
  • To become more active to ensure I have results.
I will update you weekly with my progress....If I happen to do well, I will throw in a bonus post at the end of the sixty days. Keep checking back and cheer me on, so I can share it with you! 

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