Monday, January 30, 2012

Movie Night

Friday night Ryan and I surprised Caleb by taking him to the local IMAX theater in downtown Chattanooga. I thought he would really enjoy Born To Be Wild in 3D. It was a documentary about orphaned elephants and monkeys that had been raised by humans. We got there a little early and had a chance to show Caleb the beautiful Tennessee River. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful city.  

Ryan showed Caleb the water and big boats...

They are so funny together!

Caleb posed with Mommy for just a moment. 

He did great at the movie! I was so proud of him. We went all out and got popcorn and Nerds. Caleb is hilarious when he says "nerds"! He wanted to sit in his own chair until it kept folding up on him. His little butt wasn't heavy enough (we really don't say that often...)! When the theater got dark, he climbed into my lap and sat perfectly still the ENTIRE time! He loved the elephants but as soon as the monkeys came onto the screen, he said, "Monkey scare ME!!!!!!!!!!" He mentioned it maybe two hundred times this weekend. I think the monkeys scarred him for life....When we got out he had to call his Granny to tell her the monkeys scared him. It was precious. He has asked to go back and see the elephants though. 

I think we'll take him back to see an ocean movie next since he enjoyed it. I am still in shock he behaved the entire time. 

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