Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Caleb has been so sweet this week. I have definitely enjoyed every moment of it! He's just now starting to ask to have his picture taken. It's so sweet! He poses a little and loves to say "cheese"!

We took this with my iPhone, so it's a little blurry...

His hair sticks up all the time! So cute!

This weekend Ryan and I began changing some things around the house (what a shock, right???). We decided to group the pictures on the walls together a little better. Now I realize I need more picture frames...

We laid everything out on the floor in front of the couch and arranged things until we liked them. 

Then hubby got the awesome task of measuring and hanging everything. Took a while...
We've decided to paint the living room sometime this spring, so moving things around wasn't a huge deal to us right now. We thought we could try this look out and see how it grows on us. 

We also rearranged things at the front entrance. Ryan built a key rack and coat holder for me this weekend and I think it will work well for us. As soon as Caleb and Ryan step in the door, they throw their coats off. Now this takes care of the mess! 

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