Monday, January 23, 2012

Progress - Week Four

It's that time again, friends! I have a small report this week, just half a pound lost since last week. Okay, it's totally better than gaining! I have seriously fought with it this week and feel like I'm getting my tail kicked. I see that you all love the progress pictures and thought I would share a little more that I have started to notice.

On Saturday, Caleb and I were playing around. He kept asking his Daddy to take a picture of us. I started noticing something while the sweetest toddler in the world was playing smoochy face with his mamma....

Did you catch it? My cheekbones are beginning to show again! 

And for the sake of comparison, I took this one...

These were taken this past summer...

And this was in November...
Big difference, right?!?

I took this one while we were working on Caleb's room Saturday...
I have not been able to wear this shirt since we got pregnant with Caleb in March of 2009! The best news? It didn't cling to me like Saran Wrap! Ha!

At this point, I believe it's time to get moving more while I continue to use my Sensa. If you think about it, Sensa has done way better than it guarantees on their site. I'm definitely ahead of the game at this point even though my losses have slowed. Again, Sensa does NOT make you drop 30 pounds in a week! Over a course of 6 months, you will lose 30.5 pounds according to their years of clinical research. While that doesn't seem overly dramatic as compared to other programs on the market, it seems completely realistic and attainable. And when you think about it, thirty pounds is a huge accomplishment! 

I'm at 22 pounds lost in a little less than 2 months. I am beyond pleased with the results I have had! I did not put this weight on overnight, so I have no right to think I should lose it in a week's time. One goal I am making at this point is getting my booty moving more. Sensa products will work so much better with a healthier lifestyle, so I am going to give it the best chance to work! 


  1. Wow, keep up the great work. I can definitely see a difference, isn't that the best feeling? A 22 pound loss is HUGE, CONGRATS!! Thanks for linking up and have a fabulous weekend! XO ~Liz

  2. Thanks so much! I'm going to try the Water Diet with my efforts and see how much that helps. You are doing amazing!!!!



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