Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Caleb has been hilarious this week! He’s really developing a funny personality and enjoys making us all laugh. Every day is an adventure and a chance to show him all kinds of new things. His interest in everything is exciting right now. I enjoy being a parent to a toddler…most of the time.

On a recent grocery shopping trip, Caleb behaved wonderfully. I was so proud and starting to feel like Super Mom until Ryan left us to grab something we missed two aisles away. As I walked by the dairy aisle Caleb was growing impatient. When we got close to the cheese section (one of his favorite foods), a lady in front of us stalled. She was slowly making her cheese selections and my sweet, little child just couldn’t contain himself any longer….

All of a sudden, he yelled, “MOVE!”

He said it so boldly, with such authority that I couldn’t believe that came out of such a small child….my child!

Horrified, I gasped and watched as this 300 pound, 6 foot tall woman slowly turned around to face us. I’m sure she stared at me for about five seconds while my mouth hit the floor in complete and utter shock. I managed to squeak out, “Caleb, you apologize RIGHT NOW!” This woman stood there as my once brave child burst into tears! Then the biggest grin spread across her face and she replied, “He’s too cute to get mad at!” The laughter rolled out of this large woman and I lost it. I laughed so hard I couldn’t catch my breath!

While Caleb buried his little face in my shirt and sobbed, we couldn’t contain our laughter! Ryan turned the corner, looked at the situation, and tried to figure out what was going on. He said, “I could hear you across the store!” The lady walked away and I pried my child away from my chest.

We paid for our groceries while I had globs of snot across my shirt from the clingy two year old permanently attached to my waist.

You would imagine that my sweet angel would remember this incident and refrain from making that same mistake….No, not my child. Since this episode, he has yet again pulled this on me in the store. Luckily, the woman in front of me was too far away to hear my rude child. Praise the Lord for small gifts! 

Looks like I may not receive the Mother of the Year Award this time around….

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  1. lol...thank you for sharing this!!! life is interesting with toddlers that's for sure!!!



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