Monday, February 27, 2012

Progress – Week Nine

I do have another loss to report this week! I have lost two more pounds. I am beyond happy with that….I am really hoping that next week will place me at the half way point of this whole journey.
This week has been difficult because I have been super sick. I found out on Friday that I had a severe ear infection and respiratory infection. I’ve been fighting the respiratory infection since Valentine’s Day. I am so over it at this point! I still cannot hear out of my right ear and I am hoping that it clears up in the next couple of days….
My weight loss is steady right now. I’m so grateful that I am past the plateau. That has been the most difficult part of this experience. I knew I was trying my hardest and I just couldn’t seem to break it. It went on for WEEKS! But the patience and persistence finally paid off and I am back to having results.
I finally feel like I have more energy and just feel healthier overall. I am looking forward to spring so that we can get outside more. Caleb and I took a walk around the neighborhood last week since we had such a pretty day. For the first time since having Caleb, I could walk the whole time and not feel like I was going to absolutely die at the end. Our neighborhood has plenty of hills and it really is quite the workout! I was so pleased that I made it finally!!!

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