Monday, February 13, 2012

Progress – Week Seven

Hey, friends! It’s that time again: another week into this journey. I know I wasn’t able to write much last week, but I am finally catching my breath at work. I do have another small loss to report! I am down another half a pound. It has really been a struggle and I wish I had bigger losses to share right now, but that’s just my body. The loss comes very slowly for me and this is real. I’m never going to be one of those ladies who can drop ten pounds on a whim. No, I have to work really hard for this. It’s so totally worth it!
The next two pictures were taken this past October…Have mercy! I was so chubby!
Pumpkin 037
Pumpkin 239
And this was taken this past summer…
These were taken yesterday with my sweet little Valentine…
February 0542
February 0602
This is me now with a 23.5 pound loss. I feel so much better and I’m not as chubby. Still a little chubby, but I’m getting there!

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