Friday, February 17, 2012

Trees and Trains

This week is turning out to be fairly random….bear with me!

See this big, eighty foot tall tree? The one currently residing in my front yard? Hubby said it’s past time to take it down. Apparently with the rains we’ve had over the past couple of years, our yard is washing away from this tree’s roots. Ryan says that we’re at risk for it falling. If this tree fell, there’s no possible way it wouldn’t do some kind of damage….it can hit the house, hit Caleb’s room, hit our neighbor’s home, hit our vehicles, or hit power lines. I really don’t like any of those options at all, so we must have it removed.

February 607

Honestly, I hate trees in my yard. I prefer flat, green, beautiful grass. I hate mowing around the roots sticking up in my yard from this tree. I despise all of the leaves this tree drops in the fall. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be saying goodbye to this giant.

February 609

Caleb decided to bring out all of his train set and play with it while his Nana and Pa were at our house last night.

February 615

Ryan reconfigured the tracks for about twenty minutes and then finally let Caleb play….

February 613

By the time Ryan finished, Caleb was on to bigger and better things…

February 616

February 620

Caleb got a new Veggie Tale movie and a bedtime devotional book for little kiddos from his Nana and Pa for Valentine’s Day. We get to start checking those out tonight!

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