Friday, March 2, 2012


Last night Ryan and I took a long walk around the marina with Caleb. We had some time before dinner to walk around and it was absolutely beautiful out.

March 007

Caleb played on the swings for a bit. I used to swing on these when I was just a kid. It was such a sweet moment for me….

March 016

We tried to get a few pictures, but Caleb wasn’t interested in being still! This is about as good as it gets:

March 019

Caleb and Daddy explored while I took some pictures. Caleb was talking the entire time!

March 026

Caleb is crazy about his daddy! They are so alike it’s pitiful!

March 029

I just love these two guys!

March 030

Caleb clearly didn’t want to stop long for his picture! He kept saying, “Here, Mommy!!!”

March 031

Caleb finally decided to rest while we watched the ducks. He tried to call them over to him by quacking!

March 040

When all of our family got there, we waited to eat at our favorite restaurant: Amigos!

March 057

Caleb and Zoey were showing off for their audience! They were so precious!

March 059

She is the sweetest little girl! I’m so happy to be her aunt!

March 060

Brian’s birthday is today! Aren’t they cute???

March 061

We are so blessed to spend time with our families like we do. I enjoy celebrating their birthdays with them each year and we look forward to the year ahead!

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