Sunday, March 11, 2012

Date at the Zoo

Today was my first day off for the last couple of weeks. Caleb was my date for today and we headed out to the Chattanooga zoo. It has been gorgeous here and we were so relieved to finally get out and have some fun!
I feel like a widow at times now. The marina has required so much of our time since the tornado. I feel like my hubby has been missing in action quite a while.

This sweetheart made it all better for his mommy!

He loved the monkeys!

He had to say "hi" to all the animals and wave to them.

I was surprised the goats didn't scare him....He loved it!

He fed and petted the goats.

While Caleb naps this afternoon, I'm finally getting the house cleaned up. I have seriously wondered if cleaning up after my boys is worse than cleaning up after the tornado at the marina. My poor house has suffered this past week and I am more than ready to get things back in order around here!

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