Friday, March 16, 2012

Digging Dirt

A few years ago, I just knew I wanted a little girl. I thought it would be so much fun! When I got pregnant, my heart was changed. I had a gut feeling I was having a little boy long before the ultrasound confirmed it. God certainly knew what He was doing….


I’ve always been the tom boy. I work with a bunch of boat mechanics in an industry filled mostly with men. I’ve never minded getting my hands dirty and working hard in life. It’s just who I am. Growing up, I felt so very different from all the other girls I was friends with. I played tackle football in the front yard, played baseball with the boys, and built forts in the backyard.


I one hundred percent believe that’s why I have the tough, little boy I have today. God knew I had no idea what I would do with a little girl when it came to playing dress up with frilly dresses. No, that’s just not me. He gave me sweet, rambunctious Caleb!


Last night, we picked up some flowers to plant around the mailbox. I thought this would be a perfect chance for Caleb to help take care of something. I knew he would love digging in the dirt! His job this year is to water our new flowers.

March 143 March 141  March 148

I found a small worm and let Caleb check it out. He called it “baby” and told me it needed to sleep back in the dirt!

March 163

I honestly can’t believe it survived him holding it! Caleb took it to show his daddy (who literally cannot stand the things).

March 157 

We got our flowers planted right before it started storming…

March 165

I am so very blessed to have Caleb. I am grateful that God knows me so much better than I know myself!

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