Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Fish

Ryan and I took Caleb to Tellico this past weekend for some family time and his very first fishing trip! We were all so ready to spend some time together. This was our first whole weekend off from work since the tornado at the marina.
This little boy did not nap at all during the two hour ride. He literally talked non-stop the ENTIRE time! Both there and back. 

We were so excited to finally get some time together! Caleb slept at his grandparents' cabin on Friday night so Ryan and I could spend some time together. We were so grateful for that!

Saturday morning we all woke up early to go fishing! Ryan and I have taken all three kids to this pond to catch their first trout. I used to dream about this day when I was pregnant with Caleb. I couldn't wait to take him fishing for the first time!

Daddy showed him how to hold his rod and wait for the fish. 

We could not believe how patient he was! He really was determined to catch one!

He showed Granny that he could do it!

I had to explain patience to him a little. He didn't quite understand why we had to wait! I told him if he stood there, he would catch a big fish....

Ryan was beyond excited for him!

After about twenty minutes, we got one!

Caleb was flipping out! He danced around with excitement!

I really don't know who was more excited about this poor fish....

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