Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jeep Jeep

Even though things have been going nuts at work for us, we still know how to appreciate the small moments in life. Ryan and I knew that Caleb needed to have some fun this week, so we did exactly what he has begged to do.... "I Wanna Ride in Daddy's Jeep!!!!"

Seriously, we hear it quite a bit!  
Once Daddy began to load him in the Jeep, he was happy and content. 

So was Daddy! 

Ryan has worked so much for the past few weeks. He's working on three days straight without an off day so far and I know it's wearing on him. 

Just a drive around town made things much more manageable...

When my guys are happy, so am I!

Did I mention he finally let me drive his precious Jeep? It was super short, but I now can say I have done it! 

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