Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Progress – Week Eleven

Monday just passed right by me this week! Oops!

After the tornado hit, I was literally in shock. The past week and a half has pretty much put us all in survival mode. Combine that with all of our sweet friends and customers at the marina who brought us lunch every day since…I’ve pretty much ate like a man….

This girl is a true emotional eater! I was working with the boys this past week and their unhealthy habits must have worn off on me… If they ate french fries and greasy food, I did too…. Oh, yeah, it was that ugly.

Four days after the tornado hit us, I had gained ten pounds. Oh my goodness, right?!? I realized that wasn’t going to fly…. I’ve been watching my eating habits and have thankfully lost everything but a pound and a half.
My body is so very sensitive to food. It feels like sometimes I just look at greasy food and gain a pound! No joke, people!

It’s so frustrating now. I was so very close to hitting the thirty pound mark and then life just really got in the way… So, let’s see how I do this week…. I promise I’ve quit eating like a man!

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