Monday, March 19, 2012

Progress – Week Twelve

I do finally have a loss to report! This is the first one since the tornado hit and I am beyond excited!!! I have met another milestone: I hit the 30 pound mark!!!

It’s been tough, but I’m getting there. I’m almost to my half way mark and that’s really exciting!!!


So, I’ve given it the 12 weeks…. And it’s completely true!

I was at work yesterday and someone called my name. I turned to see a friend that I hadn’t run into in a few weeks. He told me, “Wendy, I didn’t even recognize you!”

I was standing right beside him and it shocked me…After we spoke I thought about it a little more… I really have changed that much.

It’s totally different to hear your family and hubby saying that you’re looking great. I thought they were just being supportive, encouraging and nice.

My pants that I wore so snuggly twelve weeks ago can be slid down without unbuttoning them. That still amazes me…

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