Friday, March 23, 2012

Shutting Off A Locked Up Kindle

I went through a literal crisis last night... My beloved Kindle decided to stall out, go to a white screen and not bring up any of my books! Nearly in tears, I tried to restart it but I had absolutely no clue how to do that. I've never had to do it before.... I searched on the internet on how to do this, but there were several ways. One suggested I navigate through the Menu and Settings to restart it. Problem was, my screen was all white!

I finally found another way.... You can hold the sleep button to the sleep position for about thirty seconds and it will reboot! My Kindle rebooted and installed a new update (first time ever....I think) and after it loaded everything was back to normal!

When I was searching last night I couldn't find a similar problem out there, so I thought I would fill you guys in too!

Something else that I've used quite a bit with my Kindle is What Should I Read Next. If I fall in love with a book (which is fairly often these days) I enter the book name into this site and it recommends similar finds. If you're not crazy about that site, this one lists several book search sites as well. 

I've been totally wrapped up in a few books that past few weeks....

I am in the middle of Beth Moore's So Long, Insecurity. It's a must read for women and I love the way it's written. I had never read any of her books, but after doing her James Bible study, I gave it a try. It's so easy to read and follow and she has such an awesome attitude and spirit!

I don't really even know how to explain The Shack, but it sucked me right into the book and I couldn't put it down until it was finished at 3 am! Beautifully written book!


  1. Have you figured out how to lend books? Several people have recommended The Shack to me. I get free books on and all the time as well.

  2. You need to read Beth Moore's book "Feathers from My Nest. You will love it, it is about her children.



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