Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kiddie Rides

This weekend Ryan and I took Caleb to his very first festival. We went to the National Cornbread Festival with some friends from church and really enjoyed it! I didn't expect it to be as crowded as it was, but there was plenty to see and do. We toured a cast iron skillet factory and my two boys were in absolute Heaven looking at all of the machines! But, the highlight of the day for Caleb was riding his very first kiddie rides! In the past he has missed out because he wanted to only ride with his mommy. He was too excited to care yesterday!

Caleb was so happy to ride his very first motorcycle!

He was serious about it at first! He really got into it. 

He loved the wind blowing through his hair...

Just pure joy!
His mother is a little worried about his motorcycle obsession at this point....

We moved on to the Corvettes...which he loved!

Finally he drove a boat like the little pro he is!

He has such a huge love for boats, just like his mommy and daddy!

He was flipping out because he was driving a boat like Daddy!

Beyond sweet!

We had a fabulous weekend! I couldn't believe Caleb was so brave. Ryan and I both knew he would flip out as soon as I sat him down and walked away, but he could have cared less! I am so happy that he loves this kind of stuff. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Toy

A couple of friends of mine tell me "Nothing says 'I love you' like buying your wife a boat!" In the past, I just smiled and nodded at their clever sales tactics....until yesterday. I've been in the marina business for twelve years now and never had a huge desire to own a boat. I knew I would like something bigger than a runabout, but cruisers typically cost a lot more. Yesterday, we were made an offer we just couldn't refuse.

Ryan and I bought a 30' Chris Craft Catalina. We fell in love with it because it weathered the Island Cove tornado, has a ton of character and is a great project! It needs some cleaning, but I can totally see a great restoration coming our way! It has taller sides, so we love that for Caleb. 

Ryan is beyond excited and has some great plans in mind for this little boat. 
After it's all said and done, we can triple our investment. 

I love this picture of my hubby! He's such an amazing man and gets more and more handsome as he gets older. I am so completely in love with this man. 

I am really looking forward to redecorating the interior of this boat. It can sleep five people and is plenty enough for a weekend out on the lake. I look forward to testing out my sewing and upholstery skills on this boat. I plan to make new curtains and recover the cushions throughout. I have tons of ideas floating around in my head!

I am looking forward to documenting our progress here. We've never restored a boat for ourselves and are so excited about it. Stick around and see what we come up with along the way....

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Orange and White Game

On Saturday my dad, Uncle David, Ryan and I traveled to Knoxville to see our favorite college football team! The Vols have an annual Orange and White game where they play each other to kick off the spring season. The winners get a steak dinner served on fine china, while the losers get hot dogs on paper plates!

Ryan and I were really excited about spending the whole day together! 

The ride was only about two hours, but I am not used to sitting in the back seat! 

We stopped at the best place to eat in Knoxville : Calhoun's!
They literally have the best ribs I've ever had. We all ordered them and they were amazing!

We had the best time with Dad and Uncle David! There's never a dull moment...

I couldn't eat all of my ribs and Ryan's never been one to turn down any food. He had already cleaned his hands so I had to feed him the rest! I just knew he would take this opportunity to bite me... Ha!

We stopped by the university bookstore and stocked up on our UT gear. Caleb got a brand new jersey featuring Peyton Manning's famous number 16. Ryan got another Tennessee hat (which now makes the count about 5 or 6, I think) and a new shirt. I got two new shirts and a sun visor for my Jeep rides. 

We were all ready to get in and see the Vols!

Waiting for the game to begin...

There's nothing like seeing Orange and White everywhere!

I'm so lucky we love the same team!!!

Sweet Children

On Friday night my great uncle, David, came to visit us. My parents were keeping Zoey for the weekend, so we had a fairly small group for dinner. 

We got to the marina a little early, so we took a walk around with Caleb. 

As we watched the ducks swim by, Ryan got a sweet picture of me and my favorite boy. I just love this picture of us! 

At dinner Zoey was just the sweetest, little thing! Actually, they both were....

Caleb was so funny with his granny!

Zoey really opened up with her Aunt Wendy and posed for a picture! She was so cute!

We went for another walk together and both kiddos held my hand the entire time. I just love them both like crazy!

We checked out a couple of boats along the way...

And Zoey gave lots of kisses when it was time to go!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Progress - Week Sixteen

Okay, so I totally missed last week. Like, completely and utterly forgot the little old blog! We've been so super busy around the house that I haven't had much time to stop until now. Forgive me, right?!?

Since I've totally slacked on y'all that keep coming back for this I had better have some progress, right? 

That's what I thought!

As of this morning, I have lost 32 pounds!!!! That means.....

I totally passed my half way mark!!!!

So stinkin' excited!!!

I'm on the downhill side of this monster and I have a renewed motivation now! 

Since I'm starting to feel a million times better and have a lot more energy, I have kicked around the idea of training for my very first 5K. Once upon a time, I ran track in high school and loved it. I know that I enjoy running, but not when I was so much heavier. Now that things are much more manageable, I'm going to start again. At work, several of us have started planning on doing our very first mud run as a team. Basically, it's a 5K run combined with an obstacle course. Sorta like military training, if you will. To me, that sounds like a load of fun!

So, don't think I've given up just yet!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cousin Visit and Birthday

Last week Ryan's cousin, Audra, visited us! This is the first time she and I have met in person, but I felt like I've known her for years. She's really that awesome. Ryan and Audra hadn't seen each other in about seven years, so we were all so excited to have her here with us. 

These two have so many great childhood memories together and it's so much fun to listen to them remember it. While Audra was here, some little boy of mine fell head over heels for her! Caleb was completely smitten and called her his "Auda"! 

Caleb was hilarious! He showed off every chance he got in front of her...

When she wasn't around, he would ask over and over "Where my Auda go???"

Caleb is so spoiled and Ryan is beyond jealous. Caleb officially has two Jeeps now! Nana and Pa got Caleb a Jeep for him when he's at their house. He was in absolute Heaven!

He kept saying "Daddy Get Out My Jeep!"

While Audra was here, she helped celebrate my 28th birthday on Friday. All of my family got together for dinner and I really enjoyed it! My family got me an iPad for my birthday and I absolutely love it! I have wanted one for so long. I have no idea what all it can do, but I'll get there eventually. 

Caleb was quite the hand full at dinner. He went wild once he knew he had an audience. 

His little face is priceless! He stood beside me as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and I think he thought it was for him! He cracked everyone up with that sweet, little face! I can't wait until his actual birthday now...

Audra went back home yesterday. Ryan and I wish she lived closer to us because we enjoyed having her here. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All Sentimental

Since I use my blog to document my life and help me remember important things that have happened to my family, I might as well include this major event. Today our home was listed on the market. I have a whirlwind of emotions, but am mostly excited and very grateful. The Lord has provided us a way to accomplish one of our goals four years early. When Ryan and I began this process, we viewed it like, "We'll make the first step and if this is God's will He will make a way." We kicked around the idea of wanting another home and threw it out there to our families. Each and every member was all for it! They were all willing to help us with advice and thoughts along the way. I felt the biggest step would be getting preapproved for our next mortgage. Ryan and I submitted every detail of our lives over to the scrutiny of the qualification process and just prayed. We knew that if this was truly the way for our family to go, God would make a way. And He did.

Now we've stepped into the next stage, selling our current home. I know there's someone out there that will absolutely love our home. If it's meant to sell, then I know God will provide that person to us. We've trusted Him through this entire process and will continue to do so. As I've watched Ryan complete some projects around the house, I've wondered if the new family who moves in will love it as much as we did. It may sound completely silly, but I don't want my home to go to just anyone. I want them to love it and care for it like we have. 

This is the house we brought Caleb home when he was only three days old. It's not just any old house, it's where our family began. It's where Ryan and I learned what marriage is about. All of our memories as a married couple are wrapped up within those walls. Caleb's first steps, first few words, first smiles happened right inside of that home. It's the first thing I ever bought all by myself. It signified my young freedom and ignorance. It was my stand of independence at the age of 22. It's special. 

Today, I am having so many emotions swarming around over the next steps in our lives. I know this is a great change for our growing family. I'm excited about the new possibilities. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mom of a Boy

Kelly is doing a link up today of moms with boys! Today is also my birthday so the timing is perfect for this post. I honestly love being a mom to a little boy. It is the most precious, most joyful thing I have ever done in my entire life. I've said plenty of times here, God truly knew that I needed to be Caleb's mom. 

When I started to think about having a baby, I thought I wanted a little girl. I thought it would be great to have someone to dress in cute, frilly dresses. When I was in my first trimester, I changed. I just knew I was having a little boy long before the ultrasound confirmed it. And I was beyond thrilled!

I love that we can wrestle, play in the dirt, go fishing and ride in Jeeps! I wait for the day that I can teach him to hit a baseball or throw a football. I know there's no better match in the world than Caleb and me. He's got my Southern accent, my eyes, and my attitude! I have never been so absolutely proud in my life. He's got a beautiful heart and a shining personality.... I'm completely head over heels crazy about him. 

He's the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Patiently Waiting

I believe Caleb is finally starting to know more about Jesus! This morning as we were getting ready for our day, he said "I'm coloring Jesus, Mommy!" He had a coloring page that featured Jesus! My heart filled with pride as I thought, "My baby boy knows about Jesus! Our Savior! He knows His beautiful name!!!" I know that we sing "Jesus Loves Me" a bit (with a lot of Veggie Tales thrown in) and we go to church regularly....but I was so floored that it was finally sinking in...He was so very excited to tell me about coloring Jesus! 

I have often wondered if I was setting the right example for him and talking to him enough about Jesus. I've worried from time to time that I'm just not enough...that I just don't do enough. I'm afraid that I'm getting it all wrong at times. I want nothing more than for him to grow up knowing that Jesus loves him and died for him. This is constantly on my heart as his mother. 

I watch little boys and girls professing their faith at church and I wait with excitement as they are baptized. My heart aches for the moment I get to stand as I watch my sweet child do the same. Seriously y'all, I tear up just imagining my precious child being baptized. Yesterday we sat in church as a young boy was baptized and emotions overwhelmed me as I pictured Caleb doing it one day. He could possibly have that opportunity in just a few more short years! 

I want nothing more than to sit by his side as he accepts Jesus as his personal Savior. In reality, I don't care how he does it or who is with him as long as he just does it. But nothing would make me happier in life than to see that moment happen in my child's life. ranks above his wedding day and birth of his children. 

Easter 2012

I hope you all had a very blessed Easter! We spent the weekend with our sweet family and Caleb has been thoroughly spoiled by all....

Saturday morning we went to our church's Easter egg hunt for the very first time! I was so excited and Caleb did well. 

He was happy that his Nana and Pa came to watch him hunt the eggs. 

Zoey and Caleb waited so patiently....

They teamed up to get as many eggs as possible! It was so sweet how they shared...

I just love him! He's the sweetest little thing lately. 

I am so blessed to be his mommy!

He had to tell Nana all about the eggs. 

Later Saturday afternoon, Zoey came over to color eggs with Caleb. I figured this would be a huge mess, but they weren't too bad! Caleb thought he was "cooking"! 

They went for a Jeep ride after and were so funny!

After a long, tiring day Caleb finally crashed. Normally he lays down in his room to go to sleep, but he was so tired he passed out on his mommy. I seriously loved every second of it. 

On Sunday, we went to church and had a wonderful time. We love our church and small group. I am so grateful that we have a home there and truly feel that is where God called us to be. 

Then it was time for lunch at Nana and Pa's house. The Easter Bunny left another basket at their house for Caleb and he got to hunt even more eggs!

He gathered maybe five and decided he would rather swing with Daddy. 

That evening, Mom and I made dinner for my family and we hunted more eggs...
We hid eggs all day long....

He has such a sweet little face!

Zoey was so determined to find all of the eggs! She did great!

After Caleb went to bed last night, Ryan and I crashed from our exhausting weekend! 
We had two days off, but we were so busy the entire time. Between hiding a ton of eggs, spending time with our families, and cooking Ryan and I met with a realtor to list our home on the market and I stopped by work to sell a boat. Our life seems so hectic right now but it was great to spend time with those we love. 


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